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    catsforlife posted an update 2 months ago

    Animals are pieces in the game
    Though I’m sure at least a few know how to pause the flame
    They’ll have to play smart, strong, and make bold strokes
    Avoid crashing into anymore oaks

    It’s a game that could kill with a single turn
    They’ll have to act fast and quickly learn
    It’s not a complicated game, not at all
    But you never can make the wrong call

    Cards are a key
    So is a cey
    Though finding one, well, that’s another story
    It’s hard to find while watching territory

    The hearts can be just as deadly
    If you use them you must not be unsteady
    One little mistake and that’ll cost you the game
    Losing like that would be such a shame

    Spades, those are one of a kind
    Though the ace you’d have to find
    Poky little fish those cards are
    They only think about ways to scar

    Another fun card, the club is a blast
    Though one little slip up and you’ll have to act fast
    The double as mallots, that parts weird
    Maybe it’s just to disappear

    Jokers and wildcards those are the best
    They’re great at putting you to the test
    Greatly feared by some who play
    Even with theirs colors a fading gray

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        royalfudge replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        *takes notes*

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