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    ccxinyiofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 1 month ago

    sup everyone sorry for not posting in a (ahem) while i’ll refresh you on the story if you want me to just comment if you do

    The Clearing

    Chapter 11: Plan Succesfull

    I sat down opposite Ophelia during lunch. “So?” she asked.

    “So what?” I asked, confused.

    “Getting Conner to the party! Come on, I didn’t tell Alec to go to the Groom Room and jinx Conner’s feet to the ground for nothing!”

    “Oh… Well, I haven’t talked to him yet, but I’ve thought of something already-”

    “WHY’D YOU JINX ME FOR?” Conner slammed his food tray onto the table.

    “Because you turned my book into a hummingbird!” Ophelia retorted.


    “I DID NOT!”

    “YES YOU DID!”

    “NO I DIDN’T!”

    “YES YOU DID!”

    “Guys…” I muttered, spotting a nymph on duty eyeing us.

    “NO I DIDN’T!”

    “YES YOU DID!”

    “NO I DIDN’T!”

    I sighed and left the table.


    As I climbed up the stairs to Valour tower, a first year Everboy approached me. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “This is a boy tower.”

    “I’m going to meet my friend,” I replied.

    “What’s his name?” the boy said, following me.


    “Why are you gonna meet him?”


    “What’s his dorm number?”

    “Why do you wanna know?” I asked, irritated.

    “I was just joking. Funny, right?” He flashed a smile at me. He probably thought it was an amazing smile. I thought it needed A LOT of work.

    “I’m Derrick, by the way,” he said smiling again. (Okay, that smile REALLY needed more practice.) “You probably heard of me,” he grinned, blocking my way.

    “Actually, no, I don’t,” I said, trying to step around him.

    He stepped to his right and blocked me. “Really? You should know who Chaddick is, right? Well, my friend’s sister’s friend’s brother knows him PERSONALLY.”

    “Mhm, so?”I said, ducking under his outstretched left arm.

    “So, I’m actually as famous as him!” he shouted after me.

    “Mhm…” I mumbled, looking for Conner’s dormitory. I knocked.

    “Dan, is that you?” A boy with red-brown hair answered the door. “Oh. Who are you?” he asked, spotting me.

    “I’m Carein, is this Conner’s dorm?”

    “Oi, Conner!” the boy yelled over his shoulder.

    Conner appeared next to the boy with red-brown hair, who went back inside soon after. “Oh, it’s you, Carein.”

    “What, is ‘oh’ the new greeting now?” I smiled to let him know I was joking. “Anyway, do you wanna go to Dean Sophie’s party with me?”

    “I dunno…”

    “Ophelia’s not coming.”

    “Okay, I’m in!”

    “See you there!” I said. Later, as I walked back to my own dorm, I felt a little guilty. What if he finds out? How angry will he be if he does? Will he still want to be my friend afterwards? I dismissed these thoughts from my head. It’ll be fine, I told myself.

    I hope.

    thanks for waiting for this chapter!


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        love Ophelia

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        haiii sista

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