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    ccxinyiofwoodsbeyond posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 12 months ago

    hiiiiiii this is yet another chapter of my rp (soz for the wait), and i’m thinking about actually giving my rp a name, instead of just calling it the group’s name, the Clearing. i was thinking maybe ‘Our Story’ or ‘Fingerglow’. if none of these sound nice to you, feel free to comment suggestions! anyway, onto the story…

    Title Here

    Chapter 12: Unexpected Guest

    “Here.” Ophelia handed me her necklace. My fingers touched the cold turquoise stones. Guilt coursed through my body. As if reading my thoughts, Ophelia said, “It’s gonna be fine, ****. He’ll never find out.” She helped me put on the necklace, the chain slipping under my dyed white hair.

    Ophelia looked at me and frowned. “Are you sure tinting your spectacles red is a good idea?”

    “Well, it’s only a temporary spell, and I can still see, so yes,” I replied.

    “If you say so.” Ophelia went back to her desk. “Thanks again for going through with my plan,” she said. I nodded and exited our dormitory.


    Later, I met Conner on the Halfway Bridge.

    “Who’re you supposed to be?” he asked.

    “Anadil, duh.”

    He tilted his head. “Well, I wouldn’t say costume making is your talent.”

    I rolled my eyes at him. I had to admit, though, his costume of Chaddick was pretty convincing. We stepped up to the magical barrier and presented our invitations. It let us through and we entered the School for Evil.

    I saw Conner’s mouth drop open and realised mine had too. The school that we had read so much about had been completely revamped, Sophie-style.

    We entered the hall and saw Sophie, in the flesh, with Hort the man-wolf. I stifled a squeal and instead managed to squeak, “Thanks for inviting us to your party!”

    Sophie just nodded and got distracted by some Everboys who came in behind us. Conner and I walked deeper into the hall, admiring all the magic decorations. Soon we split up, as Conner had seen the magic drink fountain and made a beeline for it, intending to examine it closer.

    I was looking at a beautiful Sophie sculpture and accidentally walked straight into a hazel-eyed girl. “Sorry!” I gasped. “I should look where I’m going…”

    “Yeah, I was just about to tell you to do that.” The girl frowned. She was dressed in a pink gown and was wearing a blond wig. If it weren’t for her dark skin, she would have looked just like Sophie.

    She looked me up and down. “Who’re you supposed to be? A squashed bug dipped in white paint?”

    I could instantly tell she was a Never. “I’m dressed as Anadil,” I replied. The girl’s face changed. “You like Anadil too?” she asked.

    “Yeah, I feel that she needs more attention, as she always has to prove that she’s just as Evil as Hester, although she’s just as amazing as Sophie and Dot and Agatha and all the others.”

    “Me too! She reminds me of me, actually. I constantly have to prove to my family that I’m just as Evil as them, no matter what my talent is or how I look like.”

    “What do you mean? You’re the prettiest girl I’ve seen!”

    “That’s the point! Nobody takes me seriously ‘coz of my looks! Well, until Sophie, an extremely gorgeous girl, became the Witch of Woods Beyond!” She smiled, swishing her pink skirt. “That’s why I’m dressed as the ‘Grand High Witch Ultimate’ tonight.”

    “I’m so glad that someone else thinks my way about ‘The Tale of Sophie and Agatha’!” I paused. “By the way, what’s your name? I’m Carein.”

    She smiled. “Sierra.”

    I was about to talk to her some more when something caught my eye. It was Alec. And he was with someone else.

    When I managed to get a glimpse of them, I gasped in shock.

    For the person was Peter.

    soz for the cliffhanger even though you might not even remember who Peter is lol if you don’t, tell me in the comments I’ll tell you who he is


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        YEEEEEEP i like ‘fingerglow’

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        Tag me

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