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    I don’t know which one sounds more appealing, love or a chance at a normal life. This thought runs through my head as I sprint towards Lars to try and push him out of the way before the sharp sword spiraling towards him at high speeds hits him. I am almost there when I trip and fall flat on my face. I look up so fast that I almost get whiplash. I see Lars looking at me smiling while saying “I Love You”
    “NO!” I scream as a white hot blinding light envelopes me, Lars and the sword called Excalibur. That is where I am in my own personal fairy tale. My name is Brandy I am 16 and what you might think of as a broken person. I say that because I have never felt or experienced love in my life. I have tried to search for it like in all of the fairy tales, but I can’t find it. I can’t find my happy ending and I fear that I will never get one. Until I meet him. Lars. I felt an instant connection like I was a plug and he was an outlet, I know really bad analogy but hey that is exactly what it felt like. I met him on the first day of school, and that is where my tale begins.

    January 18th (My Birthday)
    I wake up in the same little closet that I like to call my own personal room. I stare at the ceiling adjusting my eyes to the pitch black that surrounds me. I lay like that for a while listening to the grandfather clock outside in the hallway tick the seconds away slowly. tick tock tick tock, over and over not missing a beat. That was until I hear the click clacking of boots thumping that hardwood floor coming closer to my room. BANG BANG BANG! “Brandy! Your letter to the School for Good has arrived!” Shouted the head of the orphanage Betsy. I shot up from my bed and opened the door so quick that you could hear the whoosh of the door passing through the air. I grabbed the yellow envelope out of Betsy’s small calloused hands and ripped it open.

    Dear Brandy,
    I am pleased to welcome you to the School For Good

    To Be Continued!

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