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    cheshirecat2 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 5 months ago

    I have always been that shy girl that only makes a few friends. Its not because of my looks no it isnt. I am not that bad looking if I do say so myself. I have long raven black hair that touches my waist with fair sun kissed skin. I have long bangs that are swept to the right side of my face to hide a scar that runs from my forehead through my eye to the bottom of my chin. I am not too tall and not too short, and yes since I am that shy girl I have only made one friend in my little orphanage. Mallory, she looks like me except she has brown hair, and blue eyes instead of my violet ones. I met here when I first came here 13 years ago. I was three when I walked through the oak doors of Bethany’s orphanage. I was treated well but I never knew my parents unlike some kids who were just dropped off here for a little bit and picked up again. Mallory she is one of those girls, her mother Snow White always comes to pick her up until she stopped. It was really bad, Mallory couldn’t stop crying when I was not there. For a few years that went on until I never left her side, no matter what happened. Still I am the same and so is Mallory but I wonder how the School for Good will change this, No I wont let it. I start to pack my things in my only suitcase when I hear a knock at my door. Mallory waltzes in and does a little twirl while singing sweetly. “We are going to the School for Good, the wonderful mystical School for Good!” she sings. I laugh at her antics and join in fully waltzing her around my small room. We only stop when we run out of breathe. I collapse on my floor laughing. I feel something that I have sat on and grab it, two golden flower ground tickets with mine and Mallory’s name on it. “We get to ride on the flower ground!” Mallory squeals while reaching for her ticket. I give her her’s and move to start packing again with thoughts running in my head like ‘will I see Mallory around school? What if we get sepperrated? What if she makes new friends and leaves me?’ That last one got to me as a tidal wave of tears reach my eyes and spill over. “Whats wrong Brandy?” Mallory asks walking closer to me and enveloping me in a hug. “What if you make new friends and leave me?” I am now hysterical just thinking about it panicking. I was going to loose the only friend I had just because of a stupid school “NO, I will never do that Brandy I promise.” Mallory whispers in my ear, or tries to since I am a little taller than her. I smile at her attempt to make me feel better, and not going to lie it did. That is one thing that I value about Mallory, among her many traits she never EVER goes back on her word. EVER! I step out of her hug and look her deep in her blue eyes. “Well then we better start packing.”
    To Be Continued

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