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    This is chapter one of my story. Please please please comment, give me advice and tell me how you liked it! If you want me to add your character, just comment that, and give me a little info about them. (mini bio/ how I could include them into the story.) This goes for both Evers and Nevers. Luv Ya! Please enjoy.

    Chapter 1

    “Clara, get started on those grains! They won’t sort themselves and we have demands to meet.” Clara stared out the window, trying to block Brogg’s voice out of her head. She didn’t want to sort the grain. It was tedious and boring work, and she didn’t like doing it in the least. Oh, if only… she stopped. It was a ludicrous idea, one that was impossible, improbable and stupid. But what if? Her heart whispered. No. You like it here. It is ordinary and good and safe. And besides, YOU HATE DRESSES! AND PINK! STOP IT, she thought. So she tore her eyes from the window, and piece by piece, bundle by bundle, sack by sack, she began to sort the grain. She told herself she was ordinary. That the life she had was the life she wanted. That she had Brogg and Celia, her loving parents, and a house and food. All she could ever wish for. She tried to tell herself she was happy. But with every beat her heart grew sadder. Because no matter what she told herself, her heart longed for adventure. Her heart longed for the School for Good and Evil.

    Clara awoke with a start, and looked around. Brogg was standing beside her, saying something. He looked angry. She reached up her hand and brushed her cheek. It was covered in grains. The grains! She looked down and saw all the grains still in mismatched piles, just as hopelessly messed up as before. She must have fallen asleep when she was sorting. Suddenly, Brogg’s voice came into focus. “Clara, how can I trust you to do an honest day’s work when you’re falling ASLEEP?! From now on you are working with your mother sewing and doing other housework. I realize now that sorting the grain is just too much of a responsibility.”
    “But Brogg, you know I HATE housework! It would be much easier if I was doing something more… action-packed. I don’t know, maybe like helping run the mill?”
    “Clara if you can’t even sort grain you can’t run a mill. Now be off with you! GO!”
    Clara fled back to her house, tears stinging her eyes. Celia would comfort her.

    As she reached her house, she saw Celia standing at the door. There was a visitor talking to her. It was a man in a deep blue tail coat, brown leather boots and blonde hair. He was taller than Celia and had white gloves. He handed her a yellowish scroll, and a little coin with it. Celia looked shocked the whole time, like someone had just told her she was the Queen of Camelot. Which she certainly wasn’t. She was just a miller’s wife living in Ship’s Haven. Clara had once asked why it was called Ship’s Haven because there was no sea anywhere near the town. There had once been a lake of considerable size, but it had shrunk into a smaller body of water, and no one in the town regarded it with any sense of pride whatsoever. Other than the occasional fish, the lake was completely useless. In fact, many people in the surrounding Kingdoms and towns regarded Ship’s Haven with the same sense of uselessness. To them, other than producing grain and workers for the larger establishments, Ship’s Haven was just a waste of space. Therefor, it’s people were treated precisely in that regard. However, the Ship Havenians were a proud people, and liked to believe that in all of the lands, they, out of all the Kings and Queens and other very important officiaries, were the most valuable of them all. Clara ran to the house and over to Celia. “Celia? What’s going on? Who is this man?” she turned to him. “Who are you, and what is your business here in Ship’s Haven?”
    “Clara!” Celia elbowed her.
    “Celia he’s an outsider, and I have the right to know!”
    “I meant- MANNERS!”
    “Fine. Excuse me kind sir, but I would be ever so grateful if you would state your ever so handsome identity, and the business that occupies you here in our quaint little town of Ship’s Haven.” she said sarcastically, and turned to Celia. “There, better?”
    Celia glared at her as if to say this wasn’t the end of this conversation and then turned back to the stranger.
    He said kindly, “My name is Samuel James and I am a messenger for the School for Good and Evil. I have come to give you your letter of acceptance as well as the flowerground pass that will get you there. Was that the explanation you were looking for?” He chuckled, smiling at her jokingly. Clara didn’t answer him. She was too busy having an inside war with herself. On the one hand she couldn’t believe this was happening. On the other hand she couldn’t believe it because it surely wasn’t. Her heart was bursting with happiness, but her brain was telling her to stop messing with herself and tell the strange Samuel man that he could go and sniff his own behind if he thought she believed him for one second. But then… if it was true! She was at a crossroads. She could either believe this man, and open herself up to an opportunity of a lifetime, or stay safe at home and turn it down. To her, the answer was clear. Clara had loved the idea of adventure since she could remember. She would always join the boys to explore the creek and climb the trees. She was the fastest in the Ship’s Haven, and proud of it. Yet her heart yearned for the adventure that she had waited so long for. “Yes. I’ll do it.” She took the scroll from Celia.
    “Wonderful. That’s my cue to go… thank you for your time.” He turned around and walked away. I watched him go, my heart beating fast and my mind whirling. I was ready. I was free.

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    Thanks for noticing me and commenting. It actually means a lot. STAY AWESOME!

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