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    claraofnutcracker402 posted an update 1 year ago

    This is my story for the class. Hope you enjoy!
    I chose more then three, entirely because I didn’t know which one to do.

    Lilia Hanerwick (Kiki3-5-19’s character)
    Stereotype: quiet girl

    Summer Vanderbilt (Blondieonfire’s character)
    Stereotype: innocent sweet girl

    Max Ullom (Princezzdot’s character)
    Stereotype: dopey sidekick

    Lukas Brandit (Ginnypotter12’s character)
    Stereotype: jokester

    Jocelyn Milt (Lilybug567’s character)
    Stereotype: teacher’s pet

    Noelle Adair (my character)
    Stereotype: perfect girl

    Mercury Heldarcelpo ( Ccxinyiofwoodsbeyond’s character)
    Stereotype: the quiet kid who isn’t socially awkward

    Now, let the story begin…

    “Summer Vanderbilt?“ the teacher asked, her grey eyes sifting through students. A girl with light eyes smiled with a soft “here.”
    The woman continued to list off students, her eyes glaring at each one. Whispers drifted through the air, hushed and gentle.
    “Bad teacher…” “Dumb class…” the woman glared at her students, daring them to continue. “Jocelyn Milt?” The teacher asked, lowering her clipboard. A girl in the front row raised her hand, smiling at the teacher. “Here.” She was by far the youngest of all the class, and it was still a mystery as to why she was there in the first place. “Because we seem so enthusiastic today, we have a very special assignment.” The woman said sarcastically, motioning to a tall stack of papers, all neatly organized.
    A collective groan filled the room, cut short by the authoritative voice of their teacher. “Listen up!” She said, clapping her hands. “You all have forty minutes to finish this. We looked at this last week, so it should be simple.” “Physics is fun!” Jocelyn chirped, smiling at the teacher. “Said no one ever.” A girl said, her auburn hair swept high in a bun. “What was that Miss Adair? The girl flinched at the woman’s tone. “Nothing, Ms. Carlisee.” The girl said, her tone dry. “What’s up with Noelle today?” A girl in the back whispered, her chestnut hair bouncing. “Beats me.” A blonde boy replied, turning. “Hanerwick, Ullom, something you’d like to share?” The woman asked, sharp as a whip. “No Ms. Carlisee.” The girl said, sinking deeper into her chair, desk scattered with books. The woman held out her hand expectantly, nodding to the books. The girl froze, gaping. “But Ms!” Jocelyn cried, jolting forward. The woman turned, her piecing grey eyes focusing on the girl before her.
    “Yes?” She said raising a thin brow. “She doesn’t deserve that!” Jocelyn said, her tone confident. “She doesn’t deserve that!” A boy mimicked in a childlike tone, his shaggy hair flopping back and forth as he shook his head. “Stop it!” Jocelyn scowled, her red hair swaying. “Stop it!” The boy mimicked, eyes crinkling in amusement, before he walked up to her, taking her glasses. “Lukas! Please give her back her glasses.” The girl with auburn hair said, her cerulean glaring. “Enough! Brandit, Hanerwick, office now.” The teacher glared, pointing at the door. “Ms-“ another boy simpered, raising a hand. “Enough!” The teacher fumed, pointing to the door. “Office, all of you!”
    This is how the entire class found themselves outside the office of the principal, arguing. “Come in.” The voice invited, stern and dry. The class barged in seconds later. “What happened this time?” The principal said, looking up from his papers. After a theatrical performance, the entire class found themselves with five demerits, and a day of cleaning the lockers.




    Individual splashes of water collided with the ground softly, falling slightly faster with each step. The group continued on, towards their destination, huddled, with a few scattered behind. Wispy tunes whistled through the air, soft and sweet. “So…” a girl started, twirling her finger in her hair. “What do you want to talk about Lilia?” The boy responded, his soft green eyes flickering over to her. He was one of the only people she talked to often, aside from the librarian, and other bookworms. “Do you want to race Max?” Lilia said, her face brightening. “Why not?” Max grinned. “After all… I’m pretty pawsome at it.” Lilia facepalmed.
    “What did you think of class Summer?” Jocelyn asked, looking to her left. “It was… fun.” Summer replied, her voice distant. “Why aren’t you telling me the truth?” Jocelyn asked, head on. “W-what?” Summer said, looking startled. “You hated that class. Both of us know it.” Jocelyn said, peering at the girl. “So why won’t you tell me the truth?” Summer sighed. “Do you not trust me?” Jocelyn said quietly, looking away. “I do trust you, it’s just…” she started, voice training away. “Do you want to talk about it?” Jocelyn asked. “Yeah.” Summer said, a smile ghosting her lips. “It’s my parents. They want me to get good grades, and to have a secure lifestyle built up, before ’friends’ can be a thing.” She sighed,
    looking dejected. “I know they mean well, but it’s just…” “the pressure?” Jocelyn asked, looking down at the girl. “Y-Yeah. And for me, telling a false reality is a way to escape that.” Jocelyn said. “I understand.” Jocelyn said smiling. “Let’s work through this together.” “Soo…..” Noelle said her auburn hair swaying in the wind. “Soo…” the boy replied, black hair flying everywhere. “Soooooo…” another boy mocked. “Why are you here anyway Noelle? Shouldn’t you be with your friends?” The boy asked, stopping his mocking for a moment. “I… I don’t want to bother them.” She said timidly. “Bother them!!?” The boy exploded. “You’re friends! How could you bother them?!” “Why are you being nice now Lucas?” Noelle questioned. “What?” The boy asked, genuinely confused. “You’re always being rude to everyone. Why are you being nice now? Why do you care?” She asked. “I just do what everyone in this world does. Right Mercury?” The boy between them stiffened, unused to the sudden attention. “U-Um… not really-“ “see!” The boy said before pausing. “Wait. You said I’m right… right?” The hopeful note in his voice would make anyone feel sorry for him. “No…” he said reluctantly, turning away. “I….I don’t think I did anything wrong.” He said, steeling himself. “Hey…” Noelle said softly, glancing over. “It’s okay.”
    “I know you’re braver than me.” She glanced over to the boy next to her, smiling. “You too.” She added, nudging his arm playfully. The three of them continued their friendly banter the whole way home. When they reached Lukas’ home, they paused, ready to say farewell. Get your beauty sleep! Lukas called from the doorway. “Don’t you know? I’m always beautiful.” Mercury laughed, before continuing down the wet street.

    The End!!

    Notes (aka what I might have changed by accident and things that were difficult to write.)
    First off, I have no clue what I just wrote. I kinda wanted all of the characters I was using to have an arc, so I tried to do that, but in a really strange way. Originally, I was going to have only two of the kids going to the office. But then I thought it might be strange for the characters to go from the office to class. To be honest, the teacher figure was originally made for gym, and I really don’t know why I changed it. I think most of the characters have a descent arc, but the ‘arc’ I made for Mercury was… not as good as it could have been. I wanted to try and stay true to the story for him, but it made him less important to the story. I think Noelle had a less then great arc as well, and I tried to ‘fix’ it by editing, but that didn’t do much. I think that’s all I have to add, so I’m gonna stop now. Bye:)

        ms-granger replied 1 year ago

        I am definitely sorry I just got around to reading this now. It was fantastic! And you’re also one of the only two people who sent in a story, so thank you for that.

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