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    claraofnutcracker402 posted an update 1 year ago

    Day 2 of good deeds
    ( @royalfudge )
    I start the day with my daily walk through a nearby park, only to find a few teenagers littering, and children picking flowers. (This is based on the rule that Evers must respect nature in the handbook) I start by focusing on the children, and like many times before, I begin to hear their thoughts. “Why are you picking those flowers?” I ask. “They’re for my mother. She loves flowers.” The child replied in a smiley tone, not questioning the voice in their head. I resign myself. “But don’t you think your mother would like it if you planted flowers for her?” I say, getting an idea. “What do you mean?” They ask, their voice laced with curiosity. “Plant your mother a garden.” I say. “The flowers you’ve picked have seeds in them, and if you plant them and take good care of them, you can give your mother a gift that lasts much longer.” I smile. “Huh.” The child replies, thinking. “I’m sure mama would like that!” They say, giddily jumping off with the four flowers in their hands. The teenagers are gone by now, leaving the water on the stone path, discolouring it. They left the trash too. I sigh, before lifting the water from the stones to the grass, and began cleaning the trash, and putting it away.

    I think that’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

        claraofnutcracker402 replied 1 year ago

        Day 3 of good deeds
        ( @royalfudge )

        Helping a bunny and bird who’s homes were flooded.

        A flood passed by the woods last night. The wreckage is evident, not only from the fallen trees, but also from the gloomy mood. I start the day with my morning walk once more, weaving though discarded items, scattered along the floor of the forest. I pick up all the items I can, hoping to return them to their rightful owners, or at least help someone else along the way. Eventually, I come across a small hole in the side of a hill. It’s completely flooded. Two small bunnies sit outside it, one white as snow, the other a warm, comforting brown. I gently put down the items, walking over to the creatures. “Would you like some help?” I ask, motioning to their home. “You could help us?” The bunnies ask curiously. “Yes.” I say. “It’s my talent.” The nod eagerly, before hopping over to the hole. I lift the water out of it, sprinkling it over in the grass, and at the base of the trees that are still standing. “Could you dry it too?” The creatures ask, looking up at me. I nod happily, glad to help. After assisting the bunnies, I continue on, looking for someone else to help. I come across a bird, it’s blue feathers ruffled, not In the air, but sitting on a log, cradling it’s wing. “Hello?” I ask quietly, as not to frighten it. “My wing!” It wails, looking over at me. “What’s wrong with your wing?” I ask, stepping forward. “I fell from my tree last night, and broke my wing!” It wailed again. “I can’t find another one, and I can’t do anything with a broken wing!” It cried. “If you want, you can stay with me until your wing has healed.” I say, motioning to my shoulder. I’m going to be headed home soon. “You would do that for me?” It said, eyes dilating. “Of course!” I say. “I’m happy to help.“ it nods, and I lower my hand to help it up. “Oh right!” I say suddenly, remembering what I came to the forest for. I make a short noise, which we had learned the day prior. A small animal came, with a flat tail, and brown fur. I make another noise, which it nods to, before lifting one of the many fallen trees toward a nearby river. “What did you ask that ******?” The bird asked me on our way back. “If he could build a dam.”I said. “ I knew he needed wood, and there’s not much we can to to help clean the forest. I’m going back to help him after I drop you off at my room so you can rest.” I say.
        It’s going to be a long day.

        I think that’s all! I’m going to continue to work on the damage from the flood tomorrow, and the bird will be able to go back home on Friday. Bye!

          claraofnutcracker402 replied 1 year ago

          The starred word is bea.ver

          claraofnutcracker402 replied 1 year ago

          Day 4 of good deeds

          I start the day by helping the small bird I found yesterday. Gathering fallen sticks, leaves, and food for it. After, I went out to find more to do. First, I found a large lake. It wasn’t blue, or clear. Instead, it was a murky grey. And… it smelled off. Not like water, or the scent after the rain. It smelled like burnt plastic. I start by lifting the water, only to find a white substance left behind. Sugar? No. Plastic. I spoon the plastic into the bag I brought, waiting to find a bin to toss it into. (A recycling bin). After I dispose of the stray plastic, I continue on. My bea.ver friends cleaned up the trees from yesterday, so the forest finally looked clean. “What can I do?” I pondered. Eventually, I found a small child. She was about five, and sitting on a small stone. “Hello?” I asked. She looked up, her blue eyes swimming with tears. “H-Hi.” She sniffled, wiping her eyes with her ruffled sleeve. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “I’m l-lost.” She said, glancing around. “Okay.” I said. “Let’s go find your parents.” I said. “Really?” She said, eyes widening. “Yeah.” I smiled. “Do you know where you last saw them?” I asked her. “I think so?” The girl said, more of a question then a statement. “Okay.” I said. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Gianna!” She said. “And yours?” She asked. “Clara.” I said. Soon, we found a tall blue house. “Is this your house?” I asked her. “Yeah!” She said, hopping towards the door, and tapping on it. A tall woman opened the door looking worried. Her eyes immediately brightened when she saw Gianna. “Gianna!” She gasped, hugging her. “Thank you!” She said. “Don’t worry about it.” I said, waving before walking back off into the woods.

          That’s all for today! 🙂

        royalfudge replied 1 year ago

        Thanks, Clara!

        claraofnutcracker402 replied 1 year ago

        Day 5 of good deeds

        I started the day by finding a new tree for the bird I helped days ago. When we found the perfect one, I helped her build a nest before starting my day once more. I started at a nearby hospital, which I had volunteered to work at for a few hours. After, I went to a local orphanage, which I was supposed to be teaching at for a while. I came in, and started my work with the youngest children. I took them to the park for half an hour, before going back to start the first classes with the older kids, which consisted of math, and the importance of helping others. I went home after, with my day coming to an end.

        The end for today!

        -sorry this is so rushed, I have a bit of school work to finish and it’s late.

          royalfudge replied 1 year ago

          It’s fine. I just said that everything is over, so you’re still well within the time range.

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