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    cloverprincess55 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago


    The day of the date.
    Hollie had ignored me all day, I still felt terrible, but every time I tried to apologies, she pushed me away.
    She fixed a cold stare on me as I came back into our dorm, it wasn’t nice to have a mean roommate.
    I walked into my closet, looking at all the dresses, then I finally selected a knee-length white one with a belt of soft black lace and lacy trim on the sleeves and end of the skirt.
    I nervously brushed my hair, my palms were clammy and they began to dampen the dress, I dried them quickly on a tissue but even more sweat gushed out.
    I finally heard a curt knock at the door, I opened it to see Ares, he was wearing a crimson-colored tail coat with tight leather breeches, a fresh, pink rose sat in his palm,
    “Hi, Jenni, don’t you clean up nice.”
    I flinched, “oh, thanks.” Hollie was still glaring daggers at me as I nervously walked out.
    He handed the rose to me, it’s tender, silken petals gently caressing my hand like a tiny kitten, a rich green stem with not a thorn or misplaced leaf on it.
    “Thank you, it’s beautiful.”
    “Just like you.” I heard him murmur.
    My mind tore into pieces as I realized he saw this as not 2 friends hanging out, but as 2 lovers. My mind grimaced at the thought.
    I’d never loved a boy, never wanted one.
    He took my hand and gently led me toward a white gazebo. Strips of paint peeled off in a type of romantic way, lush green trees rich with fruit and flowers surrounded it,
    “wow. This is lovely.”
    He led me to a small, blue table and I sat down, “I made sure it was the best for us,”
    I remembered hearing that he was the Princess and the Pea’s son, he must have servants, not like me. Who never even knew who my parents where?
    On a plate in front of me sat a perfectly cooked salmon, pats of butter melting onto it’s crispy skin. An antique silver jug and two silver goblets dusted with sapphires sat beside a fresh dandelion and clover salad. A delicious coffee mousse cake sat, the icing gleaming on a plate.
    “This is wonderful, thanks.”
    His beautiful hazel eyes darted up to my own gray ones, “this is special, Jenni, you’re unlike any girl I’ve ever met.”
    I flinched, he again acted so romantic. I reached for the spoon and began to eat my salad, “it’s delicious.”
    “just wait ’till you try the salmon.”
    I took a bite of the flaky, buttery salmon. “Wow. This is amazing.”
    He took the silver jug and a crimson-red liquid poured into his goblet, I frowned when I noticed it was some type of alcohol, “erm, I don’t drink.”
    He laughed, “like to be nice and sober? I thought you would say that.”
    He took another jug I hadn’t seen and poured me some warm milk, “I want to know everything about you.”
    “I come from Pasha Dunes, I’ve lived my whole life not knowing my parents.”
    “well, they must’ve been pretty good-looking to produce such a gorgeous girl like you.”
    He reached a finger and tucked a mocha-strand of hair away from my cheeks.
    “You’re so beautiful.”
    Then, he leaned toward me…
    But I pushed away,
    “I can’t do this yet, Ares, I barely know you. We should do it again so I could get to-know you more.”
    His face was surprised, “ok, sure. Whatever you want.”
    He walked me back to Purity in silence.

        a-adidas-d replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        Woah Ares…. you barely know her! Great job @cloverprincess55 , please continue to tag me!

          cloverprincess55 replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Awww, thanks so much.

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        Yay! Go Jenni! 🙂

          cloverprincess55 replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          🙂 the Jenni team forever

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