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    coconutt posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    So you guys have all seen How To Train Your Dragon, right? Well this is kind of like that but its pandas not dragons….i know i should get on with it. Please leave comments if you like it and want to be tagged also someone please tag me and post how you READ YOUR FREAKING COMMENTS!

    ~Part One~
    Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was a tribe of humans. Now this tribe killed pandas. They really had nothing against pandas other than they were natural predators of the tribe’s main food source–vines, bamboo, and greenery in general. Over the years, panda hunting turned into sport of sorts. Everyone killed them, and they were trained and rewarded to.
    Now there was a boy named Hiccup. He was the son of the Chief and he STUNK at killing pandas. Every night, Hiccup was forced to stay in the weapon forge while everybody else hunted the pandas roaming outside. Hiccup always felt like an outsider, a loser, and a freak. One night, he couldn’t stand it anymore. he HAD TO escape the forge, find an abandoned iShot 4000, and shoot an incredibaly athletic panda. Not very simple. But Hiccup did good. He broke a forge window, climbed out, and ran to a cannon a little ways away. Not an iShot 4000, but the cannon would work.
    Hiccup wrapped his scrawny arms around a surprisingly heavy net and lugged it onto the cannon, brown hair falling into his eyes. Hiccup focused, ready. Wait…wait…wait…wait…A PANDA!!!!
    The creature was as dark as ink at midnight. Its seemingly glowing green eyes shone beams of light through the darkness. The eyes locked with Hiccup’s, as if to say, Please.
    Hiccup hesitated. But then he remembered. He only had so much time until his dad discovered he was missing, and this panda could easily make or destroy Hiccup. He took a deep breath–and launched.

    End of Part One

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