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    Hey guys! Cora/Em here back with another chapter of
    Sorry for not posting faster, I got a small case of writer’s block so yeah hehe. Anyway tell me if you want to be tagged/untagged! Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. 🙂
    Also here’s the reader’s doc if you want to read the previous chapters:
    @DELILAHKITTY (you asked to be tagged for all my stories so yeah here’s another one hehe)
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    CHAPTER 2 (part 2/4)
    Callum’s POV:

    Callum didn’t want to return to his home, knowing that his friend had died and it was because of him. He wiped his tears and whispered,
    “I’m so sorry Niam, I will forever live in your honour and make sure everyone will know your tale.”
    He quickly ran back to his house and grabbed some of his stuff before he would run away forever. Luckily enough he didn’t have a window, which meant it would be easier for him to escape. He jumped inside his room, and grabbed a small luggage for his stuff; but while he did, he noticed a small box beside it that said “Niam” on it. Seeing this confused him, ‘Where did that come from? That is definitely NOT Niam’s writing’ he thought, as he picked up the small box near his luggage. The box was as big as his palm. It was brown and old, and was chipped at the corners. It also had a golden floral design that went around the edges. It looked mysterious…. Then suddenly he heard a voice,
    It was his mothers; he quickly stuffed the box into his bag and jumped out of the window never to be seen again.
    He ran and ran and ran, his surroundings changing from bright and sunny to dark and gloomy. He didn’t know where he was anymore, all he knew was that he was far away from home. ‘Will my parents worry about me? Lol look who’s talking, my parents caring about where I am?!’ he thought. But after an hour of running, he eventually stopped and examined his surroundings. He had no clue on where he was, all he knew was that he was definitely not in the East anymore. ‘Could I be? No, no one has ventured in these parts before’ he shivered from that thought. There was a high chance that he was in the middle, the middle of the four kingdoms, the only deserted area in the whole world. Callum walked through the woods cautiously, the tall and broad trees hovering above him, the shadows creeping upon his every step. No animals were seen. Only the crunch of the leaves he stepped on, and the howls of the wolves nearby were heard.

    While he roamed the woods, looking for some firewood, then he heard strange noises coming from the bushes nearby. ‘Please don’t be a wolf’ he thought, sweat falling down his face from fear of the unknown. He grabbed a stick and some rocks, using it as some sort of defence against whatever was behind the bushes. Slowly, he walked towards it, when suddenly someone appeared from behind it. Out of fear Callum threw the rocks at the person unknowingly and closed his eyes, afraid of what it could be.
    “Ouch!” the voice said in pain.
    Callum opened his eyes to see a girl. She had long balck hair, beautiful grey eyes and tan skin that glowed.
    “Sorry,” he said, abashed.
    “That’s fine… Niomi by the way,” she said, the tone of her voice sounding so regal.
    Then it hit him, “Wait, are you from the North?” he asked, curious to see if she was.
    “Why yes, anyway, who are you stranger who hit me with rocks?”
    “Callum,” he chuckled.
    They walked to Callum’s campsite, and had a little chat before going to bed.
    Callum noticed Niomi fidgeting around, and repeatedly looking at her bag. ‘Could there be something inside? Is she hiding something?’ he wondered. Then he remembered something, he had brought the odd looking box he found in his home. He quickly grabbed his luggage and retrieved the small box from it.
    “What’s that?” Niomi asked, her curiosity taking over.
    “I-I have no clue,” he paused, examining the box once more. “I found it near my luggage, while I was fixing my stuff for my escape,” he stated.
    Niomi walked to her bag and brought out something. It was round, and small, and made out of what he thought was gold, and lastly, it had lots of gems embedded on it, creating a beautiful flower. It had looked like some sort of music box. She took a seat beside him and put her hair behind her face, showing him the music box that had identical gold designs to his box.
    “I found it in my mother’s dresser, but it was hidden in a drawer that was locked, so I thought of it as something that must’ve been important, but it needs a key,” she said. “Interesting,” Callum told her, examining the music box a bit more. Out of curiosity, Callum put the music box and the one he found together, and decided to open the box he found for the first time, to find a key. It had resembled the music box, it was gold and had a gem on it too. He got the key and inserted it inside the keyhole, only to find it to be a perfect fit! He looked at her and smiled,
    “Will you do the honours?”
    Niomi gracefully grabbed the music box from his hands, and placed her hand on the key, she looked at Callum unsure if she should turn it or not. Callum noticed her uncertainty, so he placed his hand on her arm and gave her an assuring look. Niomi turned the key, click! The music box opened. Niomi slowly lifted the lid. There was a small ballerina, it spun around slowly, creating this beautiful melody.
    “What do you think it does?” Callum asked her.
    “I have no idea-” but before she could finish that sentence, the music box started vibrating. From shock, Niomi dropped the music box, when suddenly it started to glow light blue. The music sped up, and the ballerina spun even faster, the glow getting brighter and brighter when suddenly it stopped. Callum walked towards the music box, and picked it up. The ballerina’s arm started to move, its arm moved from a first position to straight up, pointing at the sky. Then a hologram of a map appeared, it was the map of the 4 kingdoms, North, South, East, and West. Callum touched the map, only for it to change into another page. The page had names on it, names of people he didn’t know.
    “Hmm… Auria and Devin, who are they?” he asked, confused.
    He decided to click on both at the same time – cause why not – causing it to switch into a blank screen. ‘What is this contraption?’ he wondered. When suddenly, a face appeared.

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