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    crazymusic5 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 3 months ago

    XD idk what I have to do here

        annmellie replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        Hi! 🙂 This is a group to post your stories and bio’s.

        cuteypie1mint replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        Hi and welcome to Level 0. Here are a few basic rules and facts about how we RP here.
        There are three other RP groups here on the School for Good and Evil. RP Group Level One, RP Group Level Two and RP Group Level Three.
        RP Group Level One is like this one; except less people post on it and the writing is a little bit more advanced. RP Groups Levels Two and Three are Group RPs, meaning that they RP in a group.
        But first, what is RPing? Well, RP is short for Roleplay – and here Roleplaying means writing a story, quite simply. People will comment on your posts, sometimes with constructive criticism. People often offer others their characters/others ask for their characters, so it’s not too uncommon.
        But before you begin to write your character’s story, you’ll need to create a bio. A bio is really just a post describing a character.
        Below is a template of a bio (please note that that the parts I put a * beside are necessary)
        Clothes: (Not necessary, but I highly recommend it.)
        Date of Birth:
        Fairytale Lineage:*
        Best Friends:
        Favourite Colour:
        Favourite Animal:

        OK – now you have a template, here is an example of a bio (please tell me if you want to use her).

        Name: Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Angel Haeron-Arunfuil of Jaunt Jolie

        Alias: The Vulture In Lady’s Clothing, she-wolf

        Age: 14

        Gender: Female

        School: Good. God only knows how she got in there.

        Appearance: She has thick, healthy and shimmering wine-red hair that once fell to her waist, but now curls around her shoulders. She has snow-white skin, smooth as a porcelain doll’s. Her ears are slightly pointed, due to her being half-elven. Her eyes are almond-shaped, slender like a cat’s and somehow sad-looking, due to their minuscule downward tilt, and are a jaw-dropping midnight blue, stunning and shining like stars. One eye is a magical construction of her old eye, made from a metal the same colour as her other eye, but without a sclera. Angel has a long thin scar that runs from just below her eye to the latitude of her eyes, it doesn’t mar or distort or blur her features really, it’s just… there. She earned it from an attempted assassination in her childhood. Her features are slightly angled, due to her elven lineage. She has full, rose-bud lips and a straight yet small nose. Her face is heart-shaped, yet her chin isn’t overly weak or small. She has delicate features. Angel is, to put it simply, absolutely exquisite. She’s very tall and willowy at 5’10 at might still grow a couple of inches, despite her slender build she’s actually very strong. Angel has an hourglass figure.

        Personality and Flaws: Angel is a cynical, self preserving, haughty, Machiavellian, sharp tongued, ingenious and only-slightly-unstable girl. Despite this, she has developed a public persona as a noble, dignified and reserved young woman, as she lacks the charisma of her younger sister. She deals primarily in blackmail, and possesses an unsurpassed knowledge of the details of the personal lives of almost every Ever and Never royal and noble in the Woods. Ironically, Lana is much more nosy than Angel, but Angel takes a sort of sick pleasure from having power over others, particularly whilst enraged, and even sometimes enjoys blackmailing her fellow nobles with details of their personal lives. Angel is not very charming in the traditional sense, that of being pleasant, but is sarcastic and has a sort of dry wit that can be unexpectedly funny. She does have a certain soft spot for ambition (having no small deal of it herself) and unwittingly finds herself admiring those with it. She is haughty, as mentioned before, proud in every sense of the word, oftimes condescending, though cold wouldn’t be the right word to describe her. She has terrifying mood swings – sometimes she is in a towering temper, others she is unexplainable delighted, and occasionally she has periods of deep sullenness. Her anger is the most intimidating – contrary to what some would believe, it is not icy cold but even more flaring red-hot than her sister’s – so burningly passionate that she’s sometimes unstable. Besides her mood swings she’s also known to be quite irritable and snappish at times. However, Angel is also polite, shrewd, gracious, poised, generous and loyal to a fault – to those whom she has any loyalty to. Angel is a prodigious genius, evident not only in her empire of blackmail, but also in her significant contributions to science. Angel’s one true virtue is Lana, whom she is fiercely protective of and to whom she is as kind to as she is to anyone. It is for Lana, as well as House Haeron and to a lesser extent House Arunfuil, that she goes to such extreme measures to keep secrets.

        Date of Birth: 30th Jan

        Era: Post Novel

        Relatives: She is a distant elder cousin to Beatrix, and half-sister of ‘Princess Royal’ Lana Haeron-Arunfuil, truthfully Lana Blackriver

        Fairytale Lineage: Her parents are the King and Queen of Jaunt Jolie, though they aren’t in a fairy tale, though the Queen is secretly a faerie.

        Race: Half-elf

        Clothes: She’s quite fashionable, in a modest way, with her long, loose white dresses and silver slippers. They’re never restraining. She also likes a lavender sweater and navy pants, but they must be loose and non-restraining. She dislikes the Evergirl uniform, but will wear it if she must

        Pet: A hound called Fawn, who she mainly kept for the sake of the press.

        Fingerglow: A stunning Midnight Blue

        Best Friends: Lana), Jessica Crowall (they’re frenemies), Elanos

        Friends: Paige, Nolan, Liz, George, Lucy

        Enemies: Sometimes Jessica, as she is her nemesis

        Crush: Elanos

        Talent: She has small talent in singing and painting, but can write fine and sow better, as well as a certain gift for tennis. She possesses a certain control over shadows, as well, though this is lesser known as she doesn’t tend to demonstrate it to the public.

        Favourite Colour: Midnight Blue

        Favourite Animal: Stag tends to be the official answer. In truth, crows and spiders and carrion-birds.

        Weapon: She’s relatively capable with most weapons, but likes a dagger best.

        Backstory: It became clear early on that Angel would be an extraordinary child. By the time she was four, the little princess had learnt four languages and had a handle of arithmetic that would make any mathematician blush. By six, she’d submitted a paper to the Royal Society of the Sciences that received several coveted awards. By nine, she’d survived an assassination attempt. She would go on to discover what is considered one of the fundamental laws of physics in the Woods, a new chemical element, and several other noteworthy accomplishments. However, Angel also has some dark secrets; her mother being a faerie, for instance; the dread, barrow-dwelling, blood-dining creatures that hid amongst lonely hills with single hawthorn trees, and sharp high peaks grey and green and mist-cloaked. That, and the condition that’d caused her to cough up blood for the last thirteen years.

        Given the tumultuous nature of Angel’s health, something had to be done, and desperate times called for desperate measures. Hence a girl, around Angel’s age and similar looking, the product of one of the king’s extra-marital affairs was ‘rediscovered’ and brought back to the Jaunt Jolie palace. This girl was proclaimed to be Angel’s long-lost twin sister. It was a bat-crazy story, Angel knew, but she’d cleared up all the loose ends and without any proof, there was nothing the nobles who so hated her could do.

        Her father had attended the School For Good And Evil, despite not achieving a fairy tale of his own. She, too, received the Flowerground invitation. It was an overlook of the greatest scale, to her eye, and yet, as she rode away on the Flowerground, that even the keen eyes of the School Master overlooked the ways of the Vulture.

        Here are some tips for making your bio

        1. Detail is key. You can never have too much detail.
        2. Don’t make your character a Mary Sue! Being powerful, attractive, intelligent, etc. is fine – but they have to be flawed!

        I have a few guidelines for writing stories. First off, we generally post our stories in chapters, as this makes it easier to write. Next, we generally specify whose P.O.V. (Point Of View) it is, at the top of our chapters. This means the readers know who is narrating. Of course, your story can be told from a Third Person Narrative, which is perfectly fine too. Keep in mind that you can switch P.O.V in the middle of your chapter.
        Lastly, be prepared for constructive criticism. Nobody wants to insult you, they just want to help you improve your writing!

        We do have a couple of rules to keep this forum as fun and safe as possible.
        1. No one liners. A one liner is a post that is very short, and has no relation to RP.
        2. Be nice. Don’t insult people.
        3. Don’t give out any personal details
        4. Please, don’t make your content too inappropriate. Keep it PG at most.
        5. Don’t be scared to ask for help! We’re really friendly here, and we’ll definitely help out.

        The official rules for the forums can be found here:

        You can add the following emojis to your posts: 😮 😛 😉 🙂 😀 🙁
        A happy emoji is done like this, : ) (no spaces, I’m only using them to show you the method), sad like this, : ( , tongue sticking out like this, : P , mouth open like this, : o , winky like this, ; )
        , grin like this, : D and sad like this : ( . You can’t have a comma, full stop, colon, etc, after an emoji, or it won’t work.
        Also, you can use HTML to change the font of your writing, as well as adding pictures to your post! I believe @soulreaper has tutorials.

        You might come across the term ‘WC’ or ‘elder’. ‘WC’ stands for ‘Welcoming Committee’. The Welcoming Committee are a group of people whose job it is to welcome new people to the forum. The senior WC members are @kiko55, @luna101, @dot111 and @fairytalegirl123. The Junior WC members are @evilerruler845 and myself.
        The Elder is the person whose in charge of the forum. They basically keep the place together. Our current elder is @caramelprincess, who is super nice!

        I’d recommend you write your chapters in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then copy and paste it onto here. The ‘What’s New?’ box sometimes deletes what you’re typing!
        You’re almost ready, just one last thing. You can tag people by putting an @ before their username, like this: @cuteypie1mint. Tagging someone creates a link to their Report Card, and it’ll pop up in their Notifications. People often start tag lists so that their readers know when a new chapter is up!

        That’s all, and I hope that you have a great time here on Level 0.
        From Cuteypie.

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