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    cristalwinds posted an update in the group Book 4: QUESTS FOR GLORY 3 years, 3 months ago

    Um… I’m not sure how to start this off, so Hi! I was kind of feeling creative after reading the fourth book, and was D Y I N G to read the next, but of course, there is currently no ‘next’ book. Sooo, I decided to write, just for the fun of it, to see what I would come up with…. I got a little carried away and made looooong chapter. I wanted to share it with you guys, but I’m not sure if I should post it here or on the other group that is specifically for writing…. so I’m just gonna put it here. I really hope you guys like it!

    Chapter 1
    Sophie lied awake in an enormous bed, with an old, moth-eaten see-through cabana hanging loosely over her febrile head. Her dry eyes became even dryer as she stared up at the spiraling ceiling above her, her thoughts racing about what had gone wrong earlier that day. Sophie forced herself to stop remembering Rhian announcing his gift, Rhian pulling out Excalibur, Rhian asking her to marry him with his beautiful hazel-green eyes staring lovingly right at her….only to remember Rhian holding Excalibur right to her back. She’d thought she finally found a boy who she thought she would be happy with, who everyone thought was a perfect ending, until Rhian had to break her heart just like every other boy she ever loved. She was meant to be alone, but, she didn’t need a boy, did she? All they ever do is make her feel more alone, more selfish, more desiring to find love for herself, more Evil. Sophie was astonished by the fact that she began to cry; she thought she had lost all her tears hours ago, when she sobbed until her eyes turned into small, shriveled, reddened, puffs. What had Rhian done? Are Tedros and the questers alright? Where was Agatha? At the thought of her loving, bug-eyed best friend, lost somewhere in the Woods, probably terrified, while Rhian’s guards were planning to murder her, Sophie felt a flood of guilt. She ****** up in bed, trembling and sweating. Stop! It’s not your fault she’s in danger! It’s Rhian’s! But somewhere deep inside, Sophie thought differently. Sophie looked around her circular cell, decorated with peeling rose-patterned wallpaper and topped off with a creaking floor bed. This musty room was definitely not fit for a queen, with spider webs hanging from the corners of the roof and dust covering everything in sight. Rhian could have at least had the maids dust of the bed sheets. Sophie thought after a small sneeze. You’re thinking about dusty bed covers while your friend is out in the Woods, planning on how to save our friends who are suffering in the dungeon at least three floors under you!? That finally got Sophie up. She jumped out of bed furiously and pounded on her cellar door.
    “Unlock this door, now!” Sophie screamed, slamming her face against the old, moldy door. “I don’t care what your orders are, or what you’ll do to me if I don’t be quiet, just get me out of here! Now! Or I’ll turn you both into sludgey pirate mush!” Sophie banged her fist against the door as hard as she could, earning some splinters in the process. She heard a grunt on the other side and could tell the guards were annoyed. “Shut up!” She heard a raspy voice call.
    “You tell me to ‘shut up’ one more time, and I’ll, I’ll.”
    “You’ll what? Turn us into pirate pudding?” a younger, grating voice retorted. Sophie felt like she’d been smacked on the face and thrown into a fire. She stomped off back to her bed and sat there, cross-armed. Why does everyone want to ruin my Happy Ever After? Why did everything have to be ruined by a boy, just when she she’d found a perfect end? But maybe that’s the reason, maybe she’s just not meant to find love in a boy? Or was it just because she had bad taste in them? Or was it something entirely different? Something out of her control? Bad luck, perhaps? Whatever the reason, Sophie decided that she would not fall for a boy again any time soon, or ever. She also decided that sitting on a musty old bed with crossed arms, was not going to help her situation. Sophie hopped off the bed, her old fiery rage gone, and pressed her back against the mildewy door with a sigh. She sank down and pulled her knees to her stomach, clutching her legs like an innocent little girl holding a stuffed animal. Sophie pressed her lips as close to the door as possible, almost feeling the moistness of the door. If there was anything a pirate liked, it was a helpless girl with gold in her pockets. She spoke in a sweet, hopeless, whispery voice, “Oh, where did I go wrong? All I wanted was a boy to love me, but no one does!” Sophie pressed her ear against the door to hear the guards’ reaction… Nothing. She tried again, “Someone I could kiss and love, oh what I’d give if I could kiss a beautiful boy one last time.” Sophie pressed her ear harder against the creaking door, and heard the younger pirate guard whisper to his companion, “She could have all the kisses she wants if I’d get myself a bucket o’ gold.”
    Sophie heard the other pirate grunt, “And another one of those fancy shantys! Did you see her face when ye all booed?” Both pirates burst into laughter until one of them started to have a coughing fit.
    “Oh please!” Sophie stood up, cheeks burning, “That was the best shanty you’ve ever seen and you too imbeciles know it!” She pounded her fist on the door, enraged, “Plus, I bet you too have never even seen a girl shanty, let alone kiss one! I wouldn’t want to get near either of you, even if it were the only way I’d get out of this dump!”
    “Dump? You hear that Halsey? She thinks this castle’s a dump!” said the scratchy voice.
    “I bet you she has a huge bear skin rug and millions o’ jewelry trinkets! How I’d like to get meh hands on those, Frewin.” Halsey replied.
    Sophie clasped her hands to her hot, red face. It was hopeless, how could she convince two dingheads to let her out? “You know what, you can see for yourself what a dump this is, if you just open the door and have a peek inside! There’s nothing here but a rotten old bed and a ceiling filled with spider webs!”
    “You know, princess, even if we wanted to get ar hands on all that fancy stuff yuh got en thar, we can’t.” Frewin retorted.
    “You see, we ain’t got no key!” Halsey cackled.
    Sophie tried to stay calm, but the pirates were making it incredibly difficult. “Then who has the key?” She asked, biting back all the rude words she had come up with in her head.
    “Aaw, you know where the key is!” Frewin chuckled.
    “Gosh, you’d think a queen would need to have some brains! Guess not!” Halsey chortled, and the two of them blew-up in cackles.
    “WHO HAS THE KEY?” Sophie screeched, louder than she thought possible. The pirates shut up.
    “Well?” Sophie hissed.
    “Yuh really don’t know, do yuh?” Halsey whispered.
    Frewin spoke up, “You wanna know who has the key? Your new fiance.”
    “Huh? My new wh-” but then Sophie understood. How was she supposed to get out of this ancient, rancid room now? There was no way she could just waltz up and ask him. Sophie let out a long, helpless groan, and plopped down on the floor once again. “You know, I would have never agreed to be his fiance if I knew he would do this! Do you know how it feels to be locked in a room, alone, while all your friends’ lives are in danger? While you don’t know if you’re going to die in the next minute or not? Or, is getting paid all pirates like you too think about?” Neither pirates responded. “Great, when I don’t want you too to shut up, you do. Or, are you whispering about me? Hey! Hello?” Still, no response. Why are they so quiet? A shiver ran down Sophie’s spine, like a Snake had just slithered down her back. Then, she heard a short swish, like something had just been cut open, and a muffled scream. Sophie jumped up and whipped her head to the door. “F-Frewin?” she called, unnerved. The room suddenly seemed to get colder; Sophie backed away from the door and stumbled onto the musty bed. “Halsey? Uh, are y-you there?” Silence. She silently crawled under the bed sheets, the Snake shivers in her spine rising again. Sophie’s puffy eyes shifted to the bottom of the door, where there was a trickle of some gooey red punch the pirates must have been drinking. Sophie scooted closer to the leak of red punch, only to find it wasn’t red punch at all, but a streaming pool of blood, trickling towards the her. With her heart hammering and her head throbbing from lack of sleep, Sophie backed away from the thick pool of dark blood until she was about to fall off the bed’s side. Why is it still coming? Surely two pirates can’t have all this blood! But the blood only kept coming, faster and faster until it started flooding the room. Soon, Sophie was on the bed, standing on her toes, avoiding the gooey red liquid at all costs. The crimson blood was on the bed now, inches from her bare feet. It slowly seeped onto her right foot, filling the gaps between her toes and oozing towards her other foot. Sophie screamed louder than she thought possible. She grabbed the cabana above her head and tried to hang from it, but before Sophie could react, the old, worn cabana snapped, and she toppled down into the lake of blood. Sophie desperately wanted to scream for help, but she didn’t dare open her mouth in a pool of blood. She tried to swim upward, but the blood somehow pulled her down deeper. Panicking, she struggled even more, but the blood kept pulling her deeper into its depths, until it suddenly stopped. Sophie gasped in relief, forgetting that she was in pirates’ blood. She gasped again, realizing she was in pirates’ blood, and could breathe. Without thinking, Sophie opened her eyes calmly. But then the blood, got colder, sending Sophie chills everywhere, the same chills she had experienced long ago…. Sophie whipped her head around madly, looking for something, without knowing exactly what. Her body went frigid. Somewhere deep in the depths of the murky liquid, was a hissing sound. The hissing grew louder, tearing through her eardrums and making her scream in terror. But then the hissing sound calmed, until all Sophie could hear, was a faint but deadly whisper. She slowly turned her head, but to her surprise, found nothing but redness. She paled, feeling more terrified then she had ever been in her entire life. The hissing whisper turned into a familiar, lethal voice, “I’m back”.

    Ok, did you guys actually read all that? If you didn’t, I don’t blame you, lol… I might post again, if you guys like it. 😀 Thanx!

        crazymusic5 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        I like it!

        makaylaofdarkwoods replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        I really want to check the next chapter. Tag me please.

        peacekeeper8 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        That was the best!!!!! Great job!!!! Please write the next chapter!

          cristalwinds replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          Wow! Thank you guys soooo much!!! 😀 I really appreciate you guys reading this! I’ll keep writing and post it here 🙂 Plus, I’m sorry for the spelling and grammar errors, I forgot to look it over! +MakaylaofDarkwoods I’m not sure how to tag people, but I’ll try! lol, thank you guys so much, once again 🙂

        itsmetaylor replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        this is so good!

        ellygracehiltonicloud123 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        That was awsome you should write another chapter

          ellygracehiltonicloud123 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          Tag me

        zippysge7 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        it is really good plz write more 🙂

          cristalwinds replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          Hi guys! Thanks soooo much for supporting this!! 🙂 Next chapter im doing is on Tedros…. unless you guys want it to be about Sophie again…. Any suggestions?

          makaylaofdarkwoods replied 3 years, 3 months ago


          I think the next chapter being on Tedros would be nice. Keep writing, you are a great writer

        jessofwoodsbeyond replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        please will u tag me if you do a 2nd chapter

          cristalwinds replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          Hi again, so I’m working on the second chapter (it’s on Teddy) annnnd, yeah! Thaks againg 4 the support 🙂

        ellygracehiltonicloud123 replied 3 years, 3 months ago

        Thanks for taging

          cristalwinds replied 3 years, 3 months ago

          You’re welcome 😀

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