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    cuteykitty123 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hi peeps! Here is the second chapter.

    Chapter 2: The Welcoming
    I woke up to the inside of a caridge, which bumped up and down frequently.
    I looked around and saw Dean Sophie opposite me, along with a girl around my age next to her.
    I looked at the girl. She had black hair, pale skin and violet eyes. I figured she was the kid picked to go to the School for Evil. I tried to place her in my mind, but I couldn’t place her.
    She noticed me staring and glared.
    I was about to say something but Sophie spoke first.
    ‘Good, you’re awake. We’ll be there in about five minutes.
    Do you two know each other?
    I assume not. Hope, this is Ebony, and Ebony, this is Hope. You will see each other at the Welcoming.’ She said.
    ‘And also, remember that Good and Evil are equals. In other words, be nice.’ She smiled.
    ‘Plus,it’s good to have allies in the Trial by Tale.’
    I paled. This was really happening. I was about to go from a village in the middle of the woods to a real-life school where fairy tales are real.
    The caridge pulled up next to the gates, on which was a sign that read: ‘Trespassers will be killed’ I shivered.
    I got out of the caridge and collected my luggage, which while I was unconscious my mother had packed for me.
    I waited by the gates as Sophie and Ebony climbed out of the caridge and Ebony got her suitcases.
    Sophie walked up to the gates and pointed her finger at them.
    They open with a flourish and we walk through.
    I stop for a moment to admire the School for Good. It is a glass castle, with four towers- two pink and two blue. It is surrounded by a crystal-clear lake.
    I saw Sophie and Ebony walk toward the opposite castle, which looks like it used to be ****, but then it got a makeover.
    The castle is black, but is not ****.It looks like it has had a fresh coat of paint, the moat full of black water, and there was a sign which says ‘Welcome, Nevers!’ All thanks to Sophie, I guess.
    Sophie looked back and saw I was just standing there, muttered something to Ebony, and walked briskly back to me.
    ‘Seeing as I am Dean, it is my job to get students ready for the Welcoming, so I can’t walk to school.’ Sophie said.
    ‘There will be plenty of other girls there, and try to make a good first impression, as it’s good to make friends right from the start. Go quick now, or you won’t have time to prepare for the Weqlcoming’ She gave me a gentle push.
    I did.

    Two hours later and I was still in the Groom Room.
    Professor Dovey told all the Evers that on the first day of school, everyone is allowed in the Groom Room to get ready for the Welcoming, although it will be changed later.
    I was given my uniform, which was a short pink dress, with white lace on the sleeves and hem, and smelled like flowers.
    Along with the uniform, I was handed a schedule, which notes that today we don’t have classes, because of the Welcoming.
    I got into my dress. Next was for getting ready.
    A girl turned to me and said
    ‘You look amazing! Your going to have all the boys falling for you!’
    She grinned at me, revealing pearl white teeth.
    I can’t help but grin at her.
    ‘Thanks. I’m Hope. You?’ I said.
    ‘I’m Sophie of Camelot’ She replied.
    My eyes widen.
    ‘As in Princess Sophie? Like, the daughter of King Tedros and Queen Agatha?’ I asked.
    ‘Yes, that’s the one’
    ‘You get used to it. Anyway, where are you from?’
    ‘Gavaldon. I’m a Reader’ I said.
    Sophie smiles.
    ‘That where my mother is from. She’s a Reader as well’
    I raise an eyebrow.
    ‘I heard’
    She laughed.
    ‘Yes, you’re a Reader, so you’ve heard all about my parents. Sorry’
    ‘It’s fine’ I laughed this time.
    Sophie goes pale.
    ‘Wait, it’s nearly time for the Welcoming! We better go or we’ll be late!’ Sophie stood up, aplided a new coat of lipstick, and then turned to me.
    ‘Yes’ I groaned. ‘I wish we could miss the Welcoming. I’m not too keen to listen to Pollux lecture us about rules.’
    ‘It can’t be that bad.’She gave me a reassuring smile.’Plus, there will be boys there!’
    I groaned again. I really did not get why princesses like princes
    SO much. All they do is eat, fight, and sweat, anyway. I don’t have the heart to tell Sophie what I thought of princes.
    I stood up.
    ‘Coming’ I grinned at her.

    I zoned out as Pollux spoke. I was about to fall asleep when a sound made me sit up straight in my chair, suddenly listening for all I was worth. I looked around and saw all the other girls were doing the same, including Sophie, who was blushing like a bride. I looked at her black hair which had a golden sheen. Her sky-blue eyes were glittering with excitement, her skin slightly tan.
    As I looked at my friend I felt like I had known her for years. I smiled despite myself, and then snapped back to attention. The noise was the reason all the Evergirls spent three hours in the Groom Room. The only reason they wanted to come.
    It was the sound of fifty nine handsome princes fencing.
    The doors opened to the Everboys sword fighting. Each gorgeous prince had a sword in one hand, and each also had a pink rose tucked in his shirt. Finally they stopped and each pulled his rose out, each said ‘Milady!’ and each threw his rose into the air, to the princesses he thought could be his true love.
    I looked to Sophie, who had a rose tucked behind her ear. She was staring dreamily at a beautiful boy, who had dark brown hair and liquid brown eyes. He caught her staring at him, his rose behind her ear, and smiled. She blushed even more and absent-mindedly twirled her hair.
    I heard the door open and close again and looked up.
    Standing there was another prince. His hair was the colour of flaxen, his eyes as blue as forget-me-nots, his skin tan and sweaty.
    He pulled out his sword which I recognised as Exculibur and grinned, revealing perfectly set teeth.
    All the Everboys came at him at once, but he easily bet them one by one.
    Once all their swords were on the ground, he put his sword away again, and grinned once more.
    He caught me eye and I blushed. He got out his rose- and tossed it in the air. The Evergirls went mad, and all tried to catch it- but it landed in the right palm-mine.

    Guess who the prince Hope was blushing at is!
    If you got this far thanks for reading!
    As with last time,please tell me if you love it, hate it, anything you don’t get, ideas for chapter three, and most of all, if you want me to keep going with the story!
    Thank for reading!

        cuteykitty123 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Tell me if you guys have any ideas for names for Hope and Sophie’s princes.

          cuteykitty123 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Also, BTW, this RP is based on the ending of the third book, even though I have read the forth, but there’s not a happy ending then, so, well, yea

          beleanor replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Tag me please!

          agathandsophie replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          How about Coen and Thon?

        yuri-rin replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        How about Yuki and Hisahito?

          cuteykitty123 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Thanks for the ideas. I’ll keep them in mind!

        demetergoddess369 replied 1 year, 10 months ago


        horseygal38 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        I loved this chapter! Lol it might be sorta confusing with Dean Sophie and Sophie, Hope’s friend. For names for Hope’s prince…

        Sophie’s prince

        princessrachael replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        please tag me. This boy might be Sophie’s brother

          princessrachael replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Also, I got

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