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    Chapter 5: THE DOOM ROOM

    That night was the most painful one of my life.
    And the minute I walked into the stinky, mouldy dungeons, I made one promise to myself- never again would I make Yuba mad.
    Unfortunately for me, that day I did, and I truly paid for it.
    The moment I took one step into the Doom Room, I knew I was really in for it.
    Big time.
    I shivered, not out of fear, but because my skimpy, pink, flower-smelling Evergirl’s uniform had almost no protection against the below-freezing temperature of the dungeon.
    I walked across the bridge that separates the crystal-clear moat of Good, and the black-tinged water of Evil.
    As I walked, I saw Ebony, who was just lying in the bottom of her cell, whimpering.
    I was met on the other side by a black-haired wolf, twice the height of myself, stinky, and had a large smirk on his face.
    ‘This will be fun’ he laughed. ‘Come in, Princess,
    and don’t forget to take your shoes off at the door’ he winked, and I stepped inside a cell, where weapons of all kinds lined the walls.
    There were iron handcuffs hanging from the ceiling, which I was locked into.
    I didn’t even try to struggle, because at that point I knew that he was very likely twice as strong as me, plus I would only be in more trouble.
    ‘So how did a Princess like you get here?’ The wolf growled, while stomping up and down the long line of weapons, picking one up, looking at me, and then putting it back in its place.
    ‘Ummm, well… I got Yuba mad because, I had a fight’ I said, confused.
    When was the torturing going to start?
    ‘I thought pretty Evergirls didn’t fight’
    ‘Firstly, please don’t call me Princess, my name is Hope, and well, I don’t think I am an Evergirl anyway.’
    Why was I pouring my heart out to this monster?
    ‘You don’t think so, eh?’ he barked.
    I changed the subject.
    ‘Ummm, I-i thought you were d-dead’ I stuttered, scared of the answer.
    ‘The Torturing Master you are talking about is dead. I’m his twin brother.’ The beast said.
    ‘Oh’ to be honest, I didn’t feel at all sorry for him.
    ‘Okay, let’s get to the fun part, shall we?’ He growled.
    He pulled a whip from its holder on the wall.
    I shivered, this time not because of the cold.
    He laughed- a horrible, cold, laugh that I would remember for the rest of my life.
    ‘This whip was made to cause extreme pain. It is the kind that pirates would use if anyone misbehaved. And now you are going to feel that same pain.’ He grinned devilishly.
    He released me from my restraints, and I felt his matted fur graze my skin.
    I shivered again.
    I fell to the ground, my hands limp from being effectively *******.
    ‘Do you know how I teach Nevers to have a stronger personality? I cause pain. Unfortunately for you, even though you are not a Never, I will still give you the same treatment.’ He grinned again. ‘Stand up’
    I stood.
    ‘Face the wall’
    I did.
    ‘Let’s see if I can get a couple screams out of you’
    The beast growled.
    I heard the sound of a whip flicking through the air.
    The whip cut into my skin.
    I bit in a scream.
    Again came the sound of a whip through air, and again the whip lashed into my barely covered back and bare arms.
    Every time I heard the sound, I bit my tongue and dug my nails into my hands to stop myself from screaming.
    ‘You are an Ever, yes? So you must have fought like a Never to earn a trip to the Doom Room. That then was the kind of pain I would give an Evergirl. But if you fought like a Never, then you will be punished like a Never.’
    I heard the now-familiar sound of the whip lashing through the stinky, mouldy-smelling air, and as I did, I dug my nails as hard as I could into my palms, and bit just as ******* my tongue, enough that I tasted blood, but this time, it wasn’t enough.
    I screamed.
    ‘Ahhh, now she finally screams. It’s good you’re not a Never, Princess, or you would be used to this by now.’ The Torture Master said.
    Each time his whip dug once again into my skin, I felt my legs buckle slightly underneath me, and my posture sag a bit more.
    There would be no prince to catch me this time.
    Suddenly, I did the stupidest thing possible.
    The next time the whip came down on my pale skin, I turned around, caught the pain-inflicting weapon, and kicked the Torture Master in the stomach.
    While he took a step back and caught his breath, I slowly came back into reality.
    Well, that was stupid.
    Why did I have to do that? Now I’m in an even worse situation. When he catches his breath in a moment, he will just be angry.
    Just then, he did catch his breath.
    I just stood there, whip in my hand, waiting for what was going to happen next.
    He slowly rose to his full height, pried the whip from my fingers, cuffed my hands into the iron rings, and uncoiled the whip.
    I thought he would be angry- unfortunately, I was wrong.
    He was furious.
    ‘I thought it was only Evil who are taught to fight. Good are supposed to defend’ his growl was colder this time.
    ‘I did defend’ I muttered.
    Then he flicked the whip harder, while I screamed louder than before.
    If anyone was near enough, they would hear the WHOOSH of the whip, followed by a scream. Again and again.
    I fell limp against the cold iron rings, letting them hold me up.
    ‘Please… I know not to fight now… please… let me go…’
    He just whipped me harder.
    I screamed.
    ‘Please…’ A tear dropped down my face. ‘I’ll act like a proper Ever…’ I barely knew what I was saying. ‘Let me go… please’
    ‘I-i promise I’ll be Good…’ I screamed again. My eyes were swimming now.
    ‘PLEASE!’ I could barely see because tears were obscuring my vision.
    For the second time that day, I felt the sensation of everything around me blurring, not just from tears…
    But something jolted me from my nearly- unconscious state.
    Someone was walking down the stairs.
    The Torture Master either didn’t notice or didn’t care- either way, he kept whipping me, harder and harder each time.
    And I kept screaming louder with each flick of the whip.
    Maybe it’s Professor Dovey, coming to look for me
    I thought hopefully. But if she was looking for me, why here? Maybe she asked Yuba where I was?
    I screamed as the whip cut deep into my skin.
    My thoughts were cut off when I saw who it was that was walking down the stairs.
    It was the Neverboy from the Surviving Fairytales class with Yuba!
    I figured it can’t be because he got in trouble, because classes ended a while ago.
    So why was he here?
    His violet eyes scanned the dungeon, as if looking for someone.
    I knew immediately who he was looking for.
    I was right. Dovey was looking for me, she just didn’t come personally.
    I’m saved!
    Finally he found me.
    Evergirl and Neverboy locked eyes across the dungeon.
    He took a step back when he realised what was really happening.
    Me, with the only thing holding my limp, slim body from collapsing completely were the iron rings keeping my hands restrained, my golden hair tangled and messy, deep brown eyes filled with tears, creamy peach skin covered in cuts, and the Beast, whip held in paw, about to beat me once again, black eyes aflame and gleaming with hatred.
    Before the black-haired Neverboy made it across the bridge, the Beast whipped me one last time, the hardest he’d ever done, and I screamed for all I was worth, before the room completely blacked out and I lost consciousness.
    For the second time that day, when I woke, I found myself in the arms of a prince.
    In The Tale of Sophie and Agatha, Sophie always says ‘It doesn’t matter about who you are; It’s about what you do that counts’
    That’s the reason I called the boy holding me in his arms a prince. Because I know what Sophie means. And I agree.
    When I looked up into the prince’s worried purple eyes, he grinned and spread the news to Dean Dovey, Dean Sophie, and Yuba, who were talking quietly at the back of Dean Sophie’s office. I frowned when I saw Yuba. It was him who got me here. I would probably be asleep right then if it wasn’t for him.
    I noticed Ebony in the room, looking in a just as bad state as I was.
    Then Jasper walked in.
    The moment he saw me in the boy’s arms, he strutted over and demanded that he hand me over.
    The Neverboy refused, saying that he saved me, and he was not welcome here anyway.
    ‘Calm down, no need to argue over me. I’m a person, not a toy. I don’t need to be carried’
    I said indignantly.
    ‘It’s your choice, Milady’ The boy holding me gently lowered me to my feet.
    I wobbled a bit, got my balance, and took a step toward the Deans and Yuba. I fell backwards.
    I landed right in the boy’s arms.
    He grinned like a cat.
    ‘My name is Asher, by the way. And yours is…’
    ‘Hope. My name is Hope’ I said, blushing.
    Asher put me down.
    ‘Nice to meet you, Hope’ He bowed.
    ‘Same to you, Asher’
    ‘Okay, enough with the sweet talk’ Dean Sophie said with a wink. ‘Asher, could you explain please?’
    ‘No problem, Dean Sophie’ Asher turned to me. ‘You know that usually it’s always Nevers who are sent to the Doom Room, right?’ I nodded. ‘Well, that is still a rule- the thing is, you weren’t sent in the first place. There was a… misunderstanding.
    Yuba was actually sending two Nevergirls arguing over who would do the challenge.’
    As he said this I was boiling with anger.
    ‘WHAT! So you are saying that I had to go through that whole experience,’ (I shivered) ‘where that stupid wolf said that “Evers only defend” and “Princesses like you shouldn’t fight” and then almost BEAT ME TO DEATH and did beat me into unconsciousness, all because of a MISUNDERSTANDING?’
    ‘In a nutshell’ Dean Sophie muttered, avoiding my stare. Dovey glared at Sophie.
    ‘We all are extremely sorry you were put through that, Hope, and we all hope this will be a lesson to be learned.’
    I sighed, trying to stop my anger coming out of my mouth like a dragon breathing fire.
    ‘How did you find me anyway?’ I said.
    Dovey nodded at Asher.
    ‘Well, the news spread like fire, and soon everyone, including Evil, knew that Dovey was looking for you and Ebony.
    I was thinking about the Surviving Fairytales class, and realised Yuba just as well could’ve been talking about you two.
    So I went to the Doom Room, and saw you two there. You both were unconscious till a minute ago. And, well, here we are’
    ‘Thank goodness you found us’ I muttered.
    If he hadn’t… I would probably still be in the Doom Room right now.
    I shivered, horrible thoughts filling my head.
    Then I fainted.
    This time I was in Jasper’s arms. I looked up at his big, blue eyes. I still felt dizzy.
    ‘You are obviously in a lot of pain, Hope, and we all truly regret it. If there’s anything I or Sophie can do to help, just come to me, alright?’
    Ebony, who had not spoken until now, piped up.
    ‘I know what you could do to make it up to us! You could let us have the rest of the week off classes!’
    Dovey frowned and pulled Sophie to the other side of the room. They talked for what seemed like ages, until finally they came to a decision.
    ‘Yes. You will be allowed the first week off school. Don’t expect this in the future though, okay? This is a one off’ Dovey said sternly.
    ‘Yay! Thank you!’ Ebony and I said in usion.
    ‘Ebony, I will walk you to your dorm. Hope, Jasper will walk you there’
    ‘Or carry her’ Yuba muttered.
    I looked deep into Jasper’s eyes, then at Asher.
    ‘Umm, if it’s okay with you and Asher, can he walk me back?’ I asked.
    Dovey looked taken aback, while Sophie had a smug look on her face.
    Dovey looked at Asher, who nodded. ‘Sure, Hope. Go ahead now and you might actually get some sleep’
    I climbed out of Jasper’s arms and, before I walked over to Asher, I kissed him on the cheek.
    ‘Sorry, Jasper. I just wanted to thank him’
    ‘No problem, Princess’ he said with his trademark grin.
    I walked over to Asher, and he took my hand in his.
    As soon as we were out of the room, he picked me up and carried me the rest of the way.
    I snuggled deeper into his arms, shivering in my stupid uniform.
    We were walking between schools, and the chilly air covered me like an ice-cold sheet.
    Unexpectedly, Asher put me down, took off his shirt, and draped it round my shoulders, before picking me up again.
    I just smiled.
    When we got to my dorm door, he put me down in front of my door.
    Then we kissed.
    When we were going through the Good tower, we got enough stares.
    But now, it wasn’t just stares.
    Boys that were walking there princesses to their doors were whooping and whistling, and the girls were already whispering rumours to each other.
    I mean, it’s not like I blame them.
    Me, hair still messy and full of knots, skin covered in cuts and blood, his black shirt draped around my shoulders, and then him, wearing the trademark black uniform of a Never, bare-chested and covered in my blood, lips locked on mine.
    It was bliss.
    The door opened and Sophie stepped out.
    We immediately pulled apart the moment we noticed her, but it was too late. She had seen.
    I wanted to explain everything, but instead we just stood there, blush’s rising on our cheeks.
    Finally, Asher took my hand, kissed it, and said ‘See you around, Hope’ before walking back towards Evil.
    ‘Wait you forgot your shirt!’ I shouted. But he was gone.
    I opened my mouth to speak, but Sophie just pushed me in the door.
    ‘Sleep’ she said.
    So, without even getting into my silk pjs, I got into bed and did my absolute best to sleep.
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        This is great! Tag me please

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        Should a read Hesters guide to the doom room…

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          True, but I’ve kinda left out the Ever Never handbook cuz when I started it I hadn’t read it.
          And yea I will tag you

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