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    daisydaisy1880 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 9 months ago

    Ok, so I have theories for some of the clues. So here they are, and then I’ll go in this order:

    12 – wedding
    11 – stalker
    10 – Sugar Qeen
    9 – ex
    8 – Mother
    7 – reflection
    6 – wolf
    5 – blue eyes
    4 – bad blood

    Starting with the wedding, which seems like the simplest one. For some reason, Japeth needs to marry Sophie before he can become the one true King. That is probably the wedding meant. My theory is that, like Rafal gained what he wanted (access to Gavaldon) but was still defeated, Japeth will become one true king, or at least the wedding will start, only to be stopped part of the way through.
    The next clue is ‘stalker,’ and here I’m at something of a loss. The best that I can do is Kei, because he is no longer on Japeth’s side, and might be stalking or spying on him, or Hort, who kind of stalked Sophie for a while.
    The next clue is ‘Sugar Queen,’ and I’ve seen people who think that it’s Hester’s mother (the gingerbread witch) or Dot’s mother, and I think that both of these make sense. This is probably wishful thinking, but maybe Dot’s mom was Arthur’s long lost older sister, and so Dot is the one true queen, and because of her chocolate power, she is a ‘Sugar Queen.’ finally, we know from the map challenge thing that there will be lots of kingdoms that are explored. Maybe one of them has a Sugar Queen.
    The next clue is an ex, and for this there are only two options that I can think of, which are that it is Rafal, either coming back to life, or because Japeth’s first name is Rafal, and therefore, he is, like, Sophie’s ex, somehow, reincarnated or something. The other is Sophie herself, because without her memory, she could very easily like, want to get back together with Tedros, or something like that.
    The mother one is interesting, because mothers have remained a sort of theme throughout the series, and so there are many options: Vanessa, Callis, Evelyn Sader, Guinevere, Dot’s mother, Lady Lesso, even potentially Honora. Of these, they all have arguments. Dot’s mom has been hinted at, Evelyn Sader, for obvious reasons, as she is the villain’s mother, Guinevere because she may know something, but also just because she is related, Lesso because she is Aric’s mother, Callis or Vanessa because of their importance to the last series’ finale, Vanessa specifically because their being sisters could be what breaks the spell that made Sophie forget her past.
    The ‘reflection’ one is interesting, and I don’t have much faith in any of my theories. Reflections have only mattered a little in the series, but the main time that I can remember is when Sophie started becoming a witch, and Agatha discovered she was already beautiful. The first is more relevant here. Maybe, having lost her character development with her memory, Sophie will become a witch again?
    The ‘wolf’ hint is also a difficult one, as wolves are not sparse throughout the series. It could be Hort, and it might even mean that he loses himself and becomes fully wolf. If could mean the doom room wolf that Sophie killed, or the wolves from the school (these were mostly killed by pirates, but maybe some survived and are important).
    The next hint, ‘blue eyes,’ is my favorite, because I only have one idea and I really hope that it is correct. Rhian’s eyes where supposedly ‘blue-green’, or sometimes even just ‘green.’ However, Japeth’s eyes are icy blue. Maybe that will be how he is discovered as a fake, because he has the wrong eye color to be Rhian.
    The final hint is bad blood, which also has many possible meanings: Is it saying that Dot’s mother is evil, and so she has literal ‘bad blood?’ Maybe it means between Rhian and Japeth, or the original Rhian and Rafal, or between Sophie and Agatha.
    Do any of these theories make any sense to you?

        everagatha101 replied 9 months ago


          everagatha101 replied 9 months ago

          A lot of your theories make sense especially ‘blue eyes’

          golsa replied 9 months ago


        asiagatha replied 9 months ago

        Wow … I know this makes a lot of sense, I also think the mother is Callis even though she hasn’t had any children, but I think she still has some secrets to reveal to Agatha and Sophie. It could also be Evelyn and Vanessa though and yes, Honora too.

        princesspinky22 replied 9 months ago

        omg I didn’t even think abt Sophie wanting Tedros back bc her lost memory
        This is genius!

          everagatha101 replied 9 months ago

          omg yes but I’d feel bad for Agatha

        chloetheasian replied 9 months ago

        I love this so much!

        krazykid replied 9 months ago

        For the stalker one, I had a theory it was Japeth’s scims because in QFG, his scims attacked Tedros and Rhian without Japeth physically being there so he could just send some scims to spy on Tagatha 🤷🏽‍♀️

        hoppyx7 replied 9 months ago

        i agree with almost all of your theories and was thinking along the same lines.

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