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    dance4ever posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years ago

    Here is a POV I prepared earlier.
    Aura’s POV
    I am sitting in my house-hole-cave when I realize an obvious problem.
    Raina can sense spirits. She’ll know I’m not dead.
    I swear, and grab a necklace I’m wearing. It’s gold with an emerald and gold 3D rose pendant. A thought pops into my head. Why rot in a cave? Why not change my identity?
    I draw up a lot of power. Like a lot. I send it into the rose. I frown, realizing people will know it’s me if I look the same. I hold the rose between my hands, and manipulate it with my magic it shifts, and I open my hands. I study what I’ve created. A silver chain with a smooth polished amethyst in the shape of a music note. I smile, thinking up a false identity for myself.
    2 hours later, I stare in disbelief at myself.
    Instead of flowing wavy blond hair, I have medium black hair, straight and shiny, with silver and purple ombre tips. Instead of blue, my eyes are a striking violet. My skin is tanned and smooth, and I am taller than before. My arms, legs and hands are long and graceful. I wear a strapless purple top that is tight at my bust, before flowing out like a skirt. I have on a pair of black leather pants that sparkle silver in the light. A pair of silver crystalline kitten heels are my footwear, and a small silver purse with a purple bow buckle hangs over my shoulder on a thin silver chain. The necklace hangs safely around my neck. tied around my waist is a grey jacket with silver details, the fabric kind of velvety.
    My new name? Hmm. I’ve got it. Viktoria. My fairy tale relative? The pied piper. Good or Evil? Tough one. I’ll just say neutral.
    I smile at my new self. An obvious problem hits me. Powers.
    I summon a ball of magic. It’s shiny, silvery purple. But my actual powers? I have to create them.
    I concentrate hard and make the ball of magic in my hands grow bigger. I send instructions through, before compacting it, and sending it into my necklace. I think it’s time to test out my new powers.
    I climb out of the hole, before sealing it off with a lump of dirt. From my purse, I produce a purple and silver studded guitar. I pat the never-ending purse fondly.
    I strum the guitar, and a nearby tree branch snaps and falls down. I play a few chords, and it floats up, whirls is the air twice and plops back down.
    What about vocals? I sing a few long notes, surprised by the fact I can actually sing. A nearby squirrel climb down a tree. I sing a few more. The little creature just ***** his head to one side. I pick up my guitar and play more confidently. He walks over, and climbs onto my shoulders. His little paws lift, almost of their own accord, and he somehow does a little braid in my hair.
    Okay. Guitar, strong. Vocals, not so much. I lower the guitar back into my purse and run my hands over the necklace. I sing a few short notes, and my body shimmers silver and purple. I reappear at the ruins of my old mansion. It’s still burning. I don’t know if I should help. Probably. But first, the evidence.
    I concentrate hard, and conjure at shimmering silver mist. It grows more and more translucent, before disappearing altogether. It’s a copy of my spirit. Aura’s, not Viktoria’s.
    I grab a bucket and magically fill it with water. I toss it on the flames, and again, and again. I grow tired. I quickly create a ball of magic to shield from the fire. I rush in, and search around like I’ve never seen this place before.
    “Hello? Hello?”
    My new voice is warm, high and sweet, and I stumble in surprise. I quickly regain footing, and search again. I hear a faint yell from the dungeons.
    I rush down, bumping into a few walls. I see Rune’s room, the entry blocked by fire. I hear muffled shouts from behind it.
    I conjure more water, throwing it on the door until the blaze is gone, replaced by ash and smoke. Coughing, I stumble in to see two unconscious figures and one sweating and crying. She raises her head, and my heart stops. Raina.
    But she looks at me blankly, and I remember my disguise. I quickly mirror her look.
    “Are you okay?” I ask gently.
    She nods, wiping away tears. “I thought I would die.”
    She dissolves into tears again, and I ****** her hair gently. “It’s okay. Everything’s okay.”
    We sit in silence for a while, broken only by her occasional sniffles. At last, she looks up.
    “Who are you?”
    I feel a slight pang as I look at her. Deep down, I care about Raina. That’s why I took her in. In that one moment I saw my mother, knocking on the Beast’s door. In that one moment, I felt Good again.
    But now, all Raina saw was a stranger.
    I force a gentle smile. “Viktoria.”
    I promise I’ll POV for Amber soon. I just had a lightbulb moment. Lemme know what you guys think.

        dance4ever replied 4 years ago

        Wow this is long. Whatever.

        ariniegold replied 4 years ago

        Nice, very interesting.

        seren replied 4 years ago

        Wait, Raina already whisked them off to some other place with a magic whistle. You could have seen that, but there’s no way she could have seen you.

          dance4ever replied 4 years ago


          dance4ever replied 4 years ago

          Um, scratch that last bit guys. Just say I put the fire out and fainted or something.

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