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    dance4ever posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years ago

    Ima do a POV.
    Viktoria/Aura’s POV
    “Are we really staying here?” I grumble, still thrown by Viktoria’s voice.
    Ryan stares at me hard, and doesn’t respond. I’m not entirely sure she trusts me. In fact, I’m totally sure she doesn’t.
    Rune doesn’t respond either. She’s been in and out lately, a cause of the potion I gave her as Aura. She should actually be hallucinating, but I slipped her something last night.
    Raina is the only one who treats me to a response, and the only one I trust.
    “Yes,” she says flatly. “Yes we are.”
    I stare. We each have a pitiful triangular prism hut that you can barely lie down in. The ground is muddy and wet, with dead leaves littered everywhere. A sad fire struggles to stay burning between the semicircle of huts.
    “Can’t we do a little better?” I groan.
    “No,” snaps Ryan before Raina can reply.
    I sigh. “Honestly, how long were you guys in the woods before I found you?”
    I dig through my purse, opting for a different instrument: a tiny silver flute. They all stare, one annoyed, one curious, one half asleep. I take a deep breath, and play a short tune, sweet and mysterious. The music flows over me like a river, beautiful and breathtaking. The notes fall over each other, a waterfall of sound. At the same time, power builds up inside me, released through the music.
    I finish, opening eyes I hadn’t truly realized were closed. I gasp.
    The camp has been totally refashioned. Two totally liveable log cabins stand side by side, the wood now somehow smooth and evenly sized. The campfire blazed brightly, with a ring of stones surrounding it to keep the fire in. I step inside a cabin, with a small fire, cosy living area with wooden furniture, table and chairs, bench in an area tiled with polished squares of wood. The floor is smooth wood too, and two beds rest overhead, with long sturdy ladders, each bed hanging out of the wall with a tiny window next to it.
    I walk out, staggered. The others look equally flabbergasted. I quickly put on a satisfied look.
    “I thought so.” I ran my hands over my top, brushing off invisible dust. “Um, looks like we’re in twos. Who wants to-”
    “I’ll go with Rune,” Ryan interjects, throwing me a cold look. I hold my hands up in surrender.
    “Sure.” I smile at Raina. “Looks like you’re with me.”
    I increased my volume. “I’ll make some bedspreads and stuff.” With that, I walk into my cabin with Raina, and sit down in a chair. I pull out my guitar, and grab some dry leaves from outside. I strum a gentle tune, and the leaves weave themselves together into a blanket, warm and dry.
    “Viktoria,” Raina says softly, shifting on a chair opposite me. “Why are you with us?”
    I don’t look up from my guitar. “I heard shouts. I came to help.”
    She looks satisfied, but suddenly tenses. “Are you Good or Evil?”
    I sigh, taking a break from my guitar and looking up. One of the blankets falls out of it’s weaving.
    “I don’t have a side,” I reply, slightly impatiently. “Some people liked my father. Others… not so much.”
    “Who was your father?” she asks, hooked.
    “The Pied Piper,” I say, voice cracking. “He did have a name. No one ever knew but me. Mother died when I was young…” a tear slips down my cheek, and I hastily wipe it away.
    She looks mortified. “I’m so sorry…”
    “It’s fine,” I say, returning to my guitar. “You couldn’t have known.”
    I drop the blankets off to the other hut, along with a few pillows, throws, rugs, and a set of kitchen wear.
    I curl up tight, trying to go to sleep. Then I see it outside. The black shadow.
    The human shadow.
    To be continued…
    *evil laugh*

        than replied 4 years ago

        Okay. My turn. Bonni, Willowwind, WHERE ARE YOU?

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