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    danielatheever15 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months ago

    Here’s part of my story….

    Chapter 5: “Alright class dismissed!”, Pollux shouted, as all the Ever girls filled out of the classroom. Today had been a hard day for all of the girls in Princess Etiquette class. Blair sighed. She looked at the pile of homework on her desk and sighed even louder.
    “If your going to sigh all day then you might as well sit up straight”, Her teacher snipped. Blair realized she was slouching, gave one more sigh,stood up and left the class room. She walked through the crowd of Ever boys dueling each other in the halls with their training swords, Ever girls kissing up to the hansom boys who seemed to care less about their effort in flirting. She wiggled through a group of princesses applying makeup and comparing ball dresses they had sketched out, and ready to take to the tailoring shop. Blair felt a twinge of jealousy. She never had enough money to buy a dress as gorgeous as the ones the royals were showing off to each other. Even if she did grow up in the best kingdom in the Woods, her family was poor, they had always been poor. No matter how much her father worked, he barley had enough to put a decent meal on the table. Blair shoved the thought down and ducked into the groom room.
    She dropped her books in the corner and sat down on the ledge of the saltwater lap pool. she looked at herself. She didn’t seem like much of a princess let alone a princess who would attract a hansom prince.
    ” Why would I want a prince though? They only bring captivity if you don’t choose the right one”, She thought. She would know, she had been reading storybooks before she could even walk. All the princesses in those fairy tales ended up being cooped up in a castle for the rest of their life. Except for one, her queen, the queen of Camelot. Queen Agatha had chosen the right prince and she was now questing, enjoying life, and doing things you would never expect a queen to do.
    Blair heard foot steps. She ducked behind a curtain. I walked a tall, hansom ever boy. Blair could see his face, it seemed familiar, like it was right out of a story book. The boy looked over and caught her looking.
    “Hey!” he shouted and ran to the side of the room where she was hiding. He opened up the curtain and Blair made a run for it. He caught her wrist 5 inches from the door and she slowly turned around.
    “What do you want?”, Blair struggled against his grip, which was surprisingly strong for a first year.
    “Why were you spying on me”, the blonde boy asked.
    “I wasn’t, I was here first and you scared me!” She shot back.
    “Oh, sorry”, the boy chuckled. “You know I’m surprised, most girls don’t run from me like you did. They usually won’t leave me alone”, he smiled at her.
    He was incredibly hansom, but not very modest Blair thought.
    “Might I ask who you are?” The prince loosened his grip on her wrist.
    “Why should I tell you?”, she retorted. “You nearly pulled my arm off”.
    “Fine I’ll go first” the boy bowed. “I am Prince Lancelot Arthur of Camelot. I am Queen Agatha and King Tedros’s so, who might you be?”, he said giving her a princely smirk.
    “OF COURSE!”, Blair thought, why was she such an idiot! She had grown up her whole life in Camelot, she should know her rulers heir, of course she had never seen him before since he lived in a castle and she lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of town.
    ” I’m Blair”, she said plainly.
    “Of…..?” Lancelot asked.
    “Of Camelot”, she said rather embarrassed.
    Lancelot looked surprised, ” I have never see you before, surely if I did I would remember you”, he cocked his head.
    “I live far from the castle”, she said. She looked at the clock and gasped, it was almost time for nest period and she hadn’t finished any of her homework she was planning on doing during her free time.
    ” Strange that you would be here if you live on the outskirts of a kingdom” Lancelot said.
    ” I need to go”, Blair hurriedly walked towards the door.
    “Wait!” Lancelot yelled.
    But she was already gone.

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