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    demon7373 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Another bio:

    Name: Trogin of Zantan
    Gender: Male
    Age: Over 1000 years old (in demon years, human years: around a million)
    School: Didn’t go to any but he’s Evil
    Spouse: Allera
    Daughter: Jinx
    Looks: Red skin, long black hair, four glowing gold eyes, can take form of a height of an average 20 year old or can be extremely gigantic.
    Wants to take over the fairytale world!! Powers will be explained in story! 😀

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Nice bio!
        Can’t wait to

        demon7373 replied 4 years ago

        Oh, and Allera is not alive anymore. (Read my story!!) @demon7373

        leslie191234 replied 4 years ago

        Great bio! Too bad Allera isn’t alive anymore 🙁

          demon7373 replied 4 years ago

          Yeah, it’s sad. But don’t worry, I’ll explain how she died later in the story. @leslie191234

        sephtis25 replied 4 years ago

        Love it great bio!

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