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    demonz4life posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 4 years ago

    Hi guys! I dont know if I told you this, but im friends with @schoolofevil and she made a character here but never followed through with making a POV, so she said I could use her character. oh and DONALD TRUMP WON THE ELECTION. I AM MOVING TO CANADA!
    Name: Angelina Asteris
    Age: 14
    Region: Jade
    School: Evil
    Plague: No
    Fairy tale parents: An elf(mom) and a villager(dad). The mom left while she was growing up.
    Finger glow: dark blue
    Talent: Havent picked yet…
    Weapon: Twin blades
    Personality: She is NOT a people person. She like to hang out by herself and doesn’t talk to people. She dosent care what she looks like, does’t care what people think of her, and doesn’t care what happens to every one else. She likes to hang out by herself, climb and listen to music. She doesn’t pay attention to people, unless its something incredibly important. If she tried, she could be great at school. If someone insults her parents, or makes the slightest comment about them, she will roast you to death. She doesn’t like when people talk bad about them and will make you regret it if you do. But she doesn’t care if you insult her, which people often do.
    appearance: She has brown/black hair and it is up to a little below her shoulders. When she is climbing or doing anything like sports, she puts it up in a bun. She has light freckles and she has blueish green eyes, but in the dark it is a dark green. She is a average height and weight (I’m not sure how tall your characters all so I don’t want to make her supper tall or supper short) She isn’t fat and she is kinda strong. She has a scar on her arm from being attacked from an animal infected from the plague. Anything missing? I want to make sure I have everything I need.
    back story: Her mom was an elf so she didn’t stay with them so she grew up with her dad until she was 3. That was when her village, hidden up in the mountains, got infected. It started with her dad but she and a few others, mostly grownups, escaped. She doesn’t really remember her parents or much until she was 10. That is when the group of people she hid with (from the plagued. I’m getting the vibe that everywhere is infected besides the school) Got attacked and then she had to run away again. While she was running she got attacked by a beast which is where her scar is from. And then she arrived at the schools.
    Weaknesses: She is not a people person. She doesn’t like to talk about her past, or her parents. Those are stuff topics for her to talk about. And other sthings she does’t want you to know.

        owlet12 replied 4 years ago

        I love it. sorry you are moving to canada, and I HATE TRUMP too. i think a talent that would sute your character is Invisability.

        its-me-the-paperclip replied 4 years ago

        Hi there! You might want to check for missing apostrophes in your bio, as there are a few that aren’t there when they should be. Same goes for commas. I think it’s pretty good, but I just have a few questions. They’re not particularly needed, but I’m just curious. Is Angelina actually a sensitive person about her parents? I think that might be a good thing to exploit later (*ahem* ANGST).

          its-me-the-paperclip replied 4 years ago

          *backstory is one word

          its-me-the-paperclip replied 4 years ago

          Also, what would “stuff topics” mean in the weakness section?

        demonz4life replied 4 years ago

        Sorry! ‘stuff’ was suppose to be ‘some’. I got a new computer and now auto correct is going crazy! I had to retype everything like 6 times cause it kept changing.

          nightshade11 replied 4 years ago

          Oh, that’s fine! 🙂

          demonz4life replied 4 years ago

          Oh and the ‘those’ before it is supposed to say ‘there’. I HATE AUTOCORRECT

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