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    demonz4life posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 3 years, 11 months ago

    Hi guys! Here is another POV from me, but from another character along with @jasminebeard123 character.
    Cody’s POV:
    I scratched my neck, The collar of my shirt was choking me to death. Why do these things have to be so tight!
    I sighed as I slid my hands into my pockets and continued walking down the hall. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I smile slipped onto my face and I would’ve been skipping down the hall, if I knew how to.
    A faint clicking sound from ahead in the hallway grew louder. I looked up to see a girl running at full speed toward me, while trying to not drop any of her school books and the next thing I knew she bumped into me, tripping as her school books spread out on the floor. Her blood hair were in the way of her violet eyes and baby pink eyes.
    Immediately I started picking them up, stacking each textbook in size order, gripping them in my hand.
    “Hey!” I started, smiling at her, “Sorry that I..”
    “Sorry!” She squeaked at me, grabbing her books from my arms, and continued dashing down the hallway.
    Okay, that was a bit weird. I mean, why is she running? She doesn’t have to be anywhere…
    OH GOSH!
    I swiveled my body around and started running in the direction she did. I completely forgot about class!
    I’m Not going to tell you what happened during first period, but it involved a lot of yelling from the teacher. Luckily I arrived at my second class early so I didn’t get scolded.
    The teacher was a GIANT man with blueish-greyish skin and had a stare that made you think that he was trying to decide if your useful or not.
    kids poured into the ‘classroom’ and started gibbering away, talking about why we were learning this class in a court yard. Although If you thought about it, it kind of made sense…
    A voice boomed behind me and I jumped, turning around to see my teacher talking.
    “I am your combat training teacher, velcome to my class,” He spoke, his accent thick and unknown to me, “Today ve shall start out simple. You will pair up with another from the opposite school and duel with them so I can know your skill level. If you don’t have a weapon, pick one out from the table over there,” he said pointing to a table covered with weapons of all sorts, “Alrighty, let’s go,” And he clapped his hands once, singling the start of the lesson.
    Some of the kids rushed to the table, trying to get the greatest weapon, and others started pairing up and battling. I quickly jumped next to a girl, trying to make sure I actually get a partner. Most of the other students were pairing up with their friends from last class, and since the teacher yelled at me, most of the kids in my class didn’t want to hang out with a trouble maker.
    “Take your weapon out already,” I said to her, not wanting to be last again. My sword sat in my hand as it collected sweat, waiting from her to start fighting.
    “Ya, okay,” she muttered as she slid twin knives up her sleeve, hiding them, but I could still see the glint of the grey blade. She lifter her head and for the first time I actually saw her face.
    Black hair covered her pale face with two dark blue eyes on it. She seemed like a never, but it was hard to tell. I could have mistaken her for a ever but the impression of ‘I don’t give a ****, just leave me the **** alone’ she let off cleared my confusion.
    She started circling me, as if this was the one thing she was good at, but she didn’t do anything else. Since my sword was long, she couldn’t get close to me before I touched her.
    But she stepped to the left then dived down left on the cobblestone ground, sliding on her knees, lifting her daggers above my heart.
    My heart pounded and I put my sword across her neck. I quickly looked down to see that she hadn’t made it up to my chest and that I’ve one.
    “Good fight,” she said, obviously not really knowing what to say, almost like she hasn’t talked to anyone in forever.
    “Ya same. Good job!” I replied, smiling at her. I mean someone has to show her how to talk with people, “I’m Cody,”
    “Angelina,” she nodded to me, awkwardly.
    I saw her sigh, but then realise she didn’t care about the outcome. At least till our teacher started talking to me…
    “Vell done, have you used a svord before?”
    Shocked I turned around to she my giant teacher staring at me, waiting for a response.
    “Yes sir!” I smiled proudly, as she just stood there awkwardly, watching us talk, but I could tell she didn’t want to be part of it.
    I guess our teacher sensed that and started talking to her, “Vell I can clearly see that you have used knives before, though I think with a svord you could do much better,” He said scanning her with his eyes.
    “Well you see i really want to master one thing before I…,” she started before she got cut off by my teacher…
    “Vell I see your point, but still every once and avhile, use a different weapon,” he said, ending the conversation.
    “Alrighty,” he boomed to the class, “Now that I’ve seen you fight, I shall pick your partners for the next duel!” He started speaking pair of names and I zoned out. I stared at Angelina. She seemed depressed to lose. I probably should’ve let her win. Im such a ****…
    I turned around to the blond girl from before, the one who bumped into me.
    “Hey!” I said, smiling at her, “Sorry about before! Alrighty, let’s battle!” I took out my sword.
    I decided to make a move first, hopefully this way I’ll lose. I stared at her neck again and again, each time my opponent blocked it. She than attacked me, running toward me, rapier in hand and tried to aim for my thigh. I successfully blocked the attack and flung her sword out of her hands. Opps. I threw my sword to the side, going in close so she could put her sword over my heart or neck, letting her win. But instead She kneed me in the thigh and I yelped, ending the battle
    “What was that for?” I asked her, grabbing it. She sighed, but then looked at me in such a weird way and I couldn’t tell what she was thinking.
    But then I thought she was thinking I was embarrassment, to have lost to a girl and realization that I was going easy on her sparked through her eyes.
    “You better have given that battle you’re all,” She screamed at me, cheeks turning pink..She flipped her hair, retrieved her weapon, and walked off.What a wierd girl.. Who is she anyways? I didn’t pay attention in the beginning…
    “Hey I didn’t catch your name!” I said, chasing after her.
    “Marlee Cobax, but you can call me Mare.”
    I looked at her, prancing away. Some of the students started staring at her and I, including that girl Angelina and the teacher, like we were idiots.
    I chased after her, grabbing her hand with my gloved one, and tried to pull her back so no one would think that and smiled, hoping she would stay.
    But then she looked at me in the weird way again and I let go, watching her run to her next class. What is she thinking and why does she stare at me like that? That girl is so weird…

        jasminebeard123 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!

          jasminebeard123 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Misspelled a few things, but that’s okay… I love this so much and we should collaborate more often 🙂

        demonz4life replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        sorry about spelling mistakes! I got this auto correct thing and it’s going crazy!

        nightshade11 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Nice job! There’s a comma instead of a period in the first sentence, by the way.
        *a *blond *you’re *signaling *weird

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Good job. Yes there were a few spelling mistakes though.

        jasminebeard123 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        @catofthewoods This Is A Collab, If You Didn’t Know Already.

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