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    dixie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    Chapter 1: The Flowerground
    In the quiet woods of Jaunt Jolie, Dora was having the time of her life! She was taking a walk, when a golden ticket floated down through the trees and onto the path. Reaching down, Dora picked it up and gasped as she read the message. The School for Good Enlightenment and Enchantment!
    She sat on the fringe of a mossed over stump and stared at the ticket to make sure it was real. It was real as Ever. And that’s when a voice spoke:
    “Well, what are you waiting for? Come on! Get in!” The voice was crabby and irritated. Dora spun around and saw that the voice seemed to be coming from a purple pumpkin!
    “How odd!” She thought. “But then this whole affair is odd.” The pumpkin grumbled impatiently and then a vine snaked out and snatched her in!
    Dora braced herself, but instead felt the rhythmic jolt of a train! Then she realised. This was the Flowerground! Dora was on her way to the School for Good. . .
    Chapter 1 will be continued! πŸ™‚
    P.S. I need people in my tale so please comment bios
    Thanks! πŸ™‚

        peppy replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        It’s amazing! Can’t wait for you to continue πŸ™‚ You could use my bio and a made up character πŸ™‚
        Name: Laurence of Camelot
        Age: 14
        Gender: Boy
        School: Good/Boys
        Parents; Tedros and Agatha
        Talent: Weather control
        Finger Glow: Deep blue
        Appearance: Hazelnut brown curly hair, wide blue eyes, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks, fair skin, tall, slim, lean, agile, muscular
        Personality: Emotional, brave, kind, fair, sweet, honest, loyal, reliable, optimistic, scatter-brained, curious, keen, always has a bounce in his step, merry
        Hobbies: Reading, rugby, sword-fighting, eating, exercising
        Pet: Reaper the cat
        Likes: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Typical Clothing: Navy breeches, blue jumper
        Backstory: Grew up in Camelot with Tedros, Agatha and Merlin
        He uses Excalibur πŸ™‚
        Juliet’s character! πŸ™‚
        Name: Juliet/Julie of Avalon
        Age: 14
        Gender: Girl
        School: Good/Girls
        Parents: Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose) and Jack
        Talent: Has a clear, laughing voice which can halt the senses when spoken in soft, gentle tones or get information when persuasive or intimidating
        Finger Glow: Electric blue
        Appearance: Peach skin, oval face, tender rose red lips, slim, slender, silky strawberry blonde tresses, clear deep blue-violet eyes with a vivacious twinkle
        Personality: Intense, independent, sensitive, creative, passionate, scatter-brained, generous, messy, cheerful, hearty, launches into everything, talkative, impatient
        Hobbies: Chatting, mimicking, singing – has a pure, sweet voice – laughing, flying
        Pet: Snowy white unicorn with wings called Faye
        Likes: Laurence of Camelot
        Typical Clothing: Violet ribbon in hair, blouse and skirt in soft colours like pale blue or fern green
        Backstory: Grew up in a cosy atmosphere, waiting for a Flowerground Pass
        She is an early-bird and hates needlework and gardening which she finds boring and a waste of time πŸ™‚
        I hope me or Julie is in! πŸ™‚

        jlb23 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        I have 3: Jackie Witch, Qiana of HEarts and Maison Merman. The bios are at @jlb23 . πŸ™‚

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Nice story πŸ™‚
        You can use my characters:
        name: Gracelynn
        gender: Girl
        school: Good
        figure glow: sunset pink
        parents: Belle and Beast (beauty and the Beast)
        special talent: can make white roses appear out of nowhere and has some animal like instincts.
        magic item: a white rose necklace that has the spirit of a black lion that guides and protects her
        pets: Lassie (dog), Jack (horse), Max (black lion in her necklaces)
        appearance: ***** blonde hair usually in a ponytail, fair skin, blue eyes with a brown streak in left eye, and usually wears a purple dress with a brown belt, a white jacket, and black boots/flats, always wears white rose necklace, and has a knife hidden on her (just in case of an emergency)
        crush/boyfriend: Mason good son of Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        personality: kind, fun, adventures, smart, doesn’t mind looks or nevers, can do magic, likes animals and reading
        Here’s my Never girl bio for you who wants to use it:
        Name: Ranya
        Age: 15
        Gender: Girl
        Fairytale parent: Ursula (the little mermaid)
        Finger glow: sea weed green
        Appearance: wavy brown hair, tan skin, sea green eyes, usually wears a black skirt and top or a black dress, deep red leather jacket, and black boots if she has legs, she can have legs or black tentacles
        Special talents: can do sea which magic (steal voices, make her self pretty, etc.), can have legs or 8 tentacles, can breath under water and above
        Personality: deceiving, likes to make deals and con people in her favor, mischief, likes to trick people, only loyal and nice (sometimes) to friends
        Pets: Nessie (sea monster) Monty and Mike (Eels)
        Boyfriend/crush: doesn’t show it but she likes a boy named Brady son of the big bad wolf and if anyone finds out or tells she will get revenge and it will be bad
        Backstory: being raised by her mother Rayna wants to rule the sea and be queen of the ocean. She hopes that the school for evil will tell her the last thing she needs to complete her plane to rule the sea, so she won’t fail like her mother
        Other: her clothing is water proof
        Name: Mason
        Gender: boy
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Earth Green
        Crush/Girlfriend: Gracelynn daughter of Belle and Beast
        Parent: Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        Special Talent: Can do dark magic and is an excellent Fighter with or without a weapon
        Appearance: Brown hair that flopped to one side, Warm Brown eyes, Fair skin, usually wears jeans, Black shirt and leather Jacket, with black shoes
        Pets: Bandit (dog), Arion (crow)
        personality: Kind, Adventures, Witty, Smart, shy (when you first meet him then he Not), survival, secretive, loyal
        Other:he doesn’t want anyone to Know he is the son of a Never, he likes to magic, fight, and being outside
        Finger Glow:Silver
        Fairytale Parent: Big Bad Wolf (little red ridding hood)
        Crush/girlfriend: Has a secret crush on Reyna daughter of Ursula
        Appearance: a hafe wolf hafe human look, silver looking hair (looks like a wolf’s coat), fair skin that can sometimes look like their is wolf fur on it, gray eyes, wolf tail
        Clothing: jeans, black shirt and lether jacket, black running shoes, wolf tooth bracelet that his father gave him
        Spacial talents: can tearn in to a wolf and keep his clothing oh him when he changes into a wolf
        Weapon: a knife and his wolf like instincts
        Personality: witty, smart, con man, trickster, loyal to his friends (in my story that’s Reyna and Fillip), good fighter, wolf like instincts
        Pet’s: a small dog that her raised (Runt)
        Other: he has seen Reyna do her sea witch magic before they went to the school only she doesn’t remember him but he remembers him.
        Name: Emraled (she gose by her middle name Isabel or Izzy for short)
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: bright orange
        Fairy tail parent: Calon (hunch back of notre dame)
        Crush/boyfriend: Dominick son of Esmeralda
        Special talent: can do gypsy magic (disappear and reappear with a smoke ball or cloth, can get out of things, etc.)
        Pet: pip (goat)
        Appearance: black curly hair that gose to the bottom of her chest, emerald eye’s (were she got her name), light Brown skin
        Clothing: red dress with a purple and orange cloth around her waste, purple cloth that keeps her hair back, and dosent usually wear shoes, but if she dose it’s black flats, and a bracelet her father gave her
        Personality: fun, outgoing, trickster, kind, active, energetic,humble, loyal
        Other: she is an outcast as you may call her, vary gypsy like, likes magic and shows, helps other outcast evers, is good friends with Gracelynn
        These are Gracelynn, Reyna, Mason, Brady, and Izzy’s bio’s if you would like to use one of them or any of them please let me know πŸ™‚

        icedragon22 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        You can use my Evergirl character, Fern! Her bio is at @icedragon22

          arian2 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

          I’ve got two you can use! πŸ™‚
          Name: ***** Cat (everyone just calls him Cheshire or Chess)
          Parents: The Cheshire Cat and Peter Pan
          School: Good for Boys
          Age: He doesn’t remember. The Cheshire Cat always sent him to the unbirthday parties so it all kind of got mingled together. He’s pretty sure he’s 13, but it might be 15. Or was it 14? Maybe…
          Talent: Can ripple away, teleport, disassemble himself and become invisible like the Cat in the stories. He can fly and fence like Peter Pan and he has his own special power: the ability to weave magic threads into spells that do impossible things.
          Appearance: curly blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, tanned skin, combination between masculine handsome and feminine beautiful: sort of mysterious, but cute, scrawny and casual at the same time. Lanky but not weak. Hates the Everboy uniform, instead β€œcustomized” his to be a green and orange stripy linen jacket with cute square buttons and scruffy green jeans. He has jabberwocky-skin (the dragon-ish creature from Lewis Carrol, author of Alice in Wonderland) boots and sometimes wears a fedora (a sort of hat, if you didn’t already know) with a long band jammed over his head (it once belonged to the Mad Hatter).
          Personality: Has an incredible (sometimes cocky, sometimes corny, sometimes satirical, sometimes important), unfaltering sense of humour that can lighten up any situation. He often uses jokes as something to protect him in awkward, shocking or dangerous conversations and is very easygoing, not caring much what other people think. It takes a lot to provoke him and it is not often he shows real anger or fear. He prefers to fight with words before swords, but is fiercely loyal to his friends and is an excellent fencer (taking after his father Pan). He loves parties, young children and is very kind-hearted and sensitive when you look closer. Happy, optimistic and loves to joke and prank around. He is, however, quite rebellious against Good and tries to tell people how arrogant and impure the school has become. He tries to convince people that being Good is not being beautiful or skilful or being a prince, but being truly Good is Goodness of heart and soul.
          Friends: Laurence (@peppy), Dawn (@hesterandanadil99chocolatedot), Orion, his father’s cocky talking sword, Trace and Esmerelda (his half-siblings) and Professor Espada.
          Crush: None…yet.
          Weapon: Orion, a thin fencing sword with a hilt carved with dancing fairies and a handle bound in green leather. He is sometimes even cockier than his master, and hovers in the air. Cheshire can fence in the air, and Orion will follow his movements, allowing Cheshire a much wider distance and things he could never do with a normal blade. However, he must treat Orion as he would treat his friend: if the sword is not happy, he WILL sulk.
          Fingerglow: silver
          Pet: has a scarlet pixie he released back into the Blue Forest. Cheshire can call him back three times, and he will be there to help.

          Name: Trace Pantalamion (Trace Pan)
          Parents: Thumbelina and Peter Pan
          School: Good for Boys
          Age: 13
          Talent: When he smiles, light radiates from his lips. This can be concentrated into thin laser beams or spread out widely into blinding flashes.
          Appearance: Small, but not young. White hair drooping over one eye and big, soulful grey eyes. Wears a wooly blue Everboy fleece with brass buttons and a long wooly trench coat in Winter.
          Personality: Shy but passionate and incredibly intelligent. Warm-hearted and is very close to nature and loyal to his friends. Very rarely talks, only to his sister Esme or, sometimes, Cheshire, Aron and Laurence. Though he may seem frail and weak on the outside, Trace has within him surprising power, both physical, magical and emotional, that he hopes he will get the chance to express in future.
          Friends: Cheshire, Aron, Esmerelda, Laurence and, occasionally, Orion
          Crush: has a bit of a thing for an Evergirl called Illyana, but nothing he would ever admit.
          Weapon: a magical tulip and his smile
          Pet: a scarlet pixie called Norlani.
          Fingerglow: blinding white-gold

        dixie replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Thanks! I will try to use as many as I can πŸ™‚

        honoreverafter replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        You can use my character if you want:
        Name: Honor
        Age: 14
        Gender: Girl
        School: Good/Girl
        Parent: Rapunzel
        Talent: Magic healing and charmspeak
        Finger Glow: Baby blue
        Appearance: Long, blonde hair and striking green eyes, peach skin, oval face, rose red lips, slim, slender
        Personality: brave, kind, fair, sweet, honest, loyal, curious, keen, innocent, caring, modest.
        Hobbies: Reading, chatting, singing, talking to animals, playing music, hanging out with friends, sewing, painting.
        Pet: Belle the blue ***
        Likes: Andrew (grew up together as best friends and has had a crush on him forever)
        Typical Clothing: Lacy pink/purple dress
        You can use this character, I also have the character of Andrew if needed

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