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    dixie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Chapter 1 continued!
    Chapter 1: Arrival
    POV: Dora
    Dora gasped as the School for Good came into view. There it was, as she had imagined. Shining glass turrets ruled over a shimmering lake, and a luscious blue forest loomed overhead.
    Dora took a deep breath as the fairies dropped her and girls, all stunning and ravishing chattered with sweet voices around her.
    A particularly brilliant girl with stunning strawberry-blonde tresses and violet-blue eyes that twinkled with vivacity bounced right up to her. Dora shrank back in horror. Here was somebody with a bounce in her step and a smile on her face, somebody who knew what they were doing. Then she spoke to Dora, her voice as clear as crystals, fine as silk, soft as clouds.
    “I’m Juliet of Avalon, but everybody calls me Julie. Daughter of Briar Rose and Jack.” Her piercing eyes studied Dora.
    “I’m Dora of Jaunt Jolie, daughter of Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman.” Dora let the words slide of her tongue. She flicked her wavy auburn locks in front of hazel eyes, but now she allowed a blithe smile to dance across crimson lips. In the distance, silvery bells pealed across a wide stretch of lake and two fairies latched onto her shoulders and flew her across to the School for Good.

    POV: Apollo
    Apollo walked in line behind the other handsome princes, feeling nerves prickle on the back of his neck. He brushed russet brown hair away from his face and gripped his rose so tightly, water dribbled from it’s stem. Evergirls, gaily chatting away, laughing, and exchanging anything, made Apollo’s chest tighten with apprehension. Gillikin had supplied girls pretty enough, but these were simply heavenly.
    A nymph called up the names of princes, and Apollo waited eagerly to hear his own.
    “***** Cat of Wonderland.” An Ever with a grin wider than Apollo thought he could ever produce, galloped to the nymph and collided headlong into a statue. He grinned sheepishly, massaging with curly blonde head, green eyes sparkling. “Cheshire, if you don’t mind.”
    The nymph looked like she wanted to slap Cheshire for his cheek, but she flushed a violent red and bit back her retort, ignoring the rueful boy completely.
    “Laurence Pendragon of Camelot!” An Ever with a regal jaw and curly hair the colour of hazelnuts strode across to the nymph. He scanned his schedule with clear crystal blue eyes framed by dark eyelashes. His skin was golden-bronzed, and something about him made Apollo start. He had the same regal air and appearance of a ….prince! Even with his ***** figure, and head raised upright, Apollo could sense the conviction radiating. Pendragon. Apollo realised with a jolt. So he was a prince after all! The prince of Camelot. But who was the King of Camelot …
    “Apollo of Gillikin!” The nymph sang. He was handed his Everboy uniform along with a schedule and basket of books.
    Suddenly, a professor started herding them down to the Theater of Tales.
    “For the Welcoming,” he heard Laurence mutter to a curious Cheshire.
    I will be needing more characters in the story, so could you please post your bios in the comments. Hope you enjoyed!
    Thanks! 🙂

        dixie replied 4 years ago

        To see the first part of Chapter 1, got to @Dixie.
        And thank you to @Peppy and @Arian2 for letting me use their bios. 😉

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Great writing!
        You portrayed Laurence perfectly! 😉 🙂

          arian2 replied 4 years ago

          I might have already given you them, but I’ve got two more for you to use. Great story by the way! Write more very soon! 😀
          Name: Trace Pantalamion (Trace Pan)
          Parents: Thumbelina and Peter Pan
          School: Good for Boys
          Age: 13
          Talent: When he smiles, light radiates from his lips. This can be concentrated into thin laser beams or spread out widely into blinding flashes.
          Appearance: Small, but not young. White hair drooping over one eye and big, soulful grey eyes. Wears a wooly blue Everboy fleece with brass buttons and a long wooly trench coat in Winter.
          Personality: Shy but passionate and incredibly intelligent. Warm-hearted and is very close to nature and loyal to his friends. Very rarely talks, only to his sister Esme or, sometimes, Cheshire, Aron and Laurence. Though he may seem frail and weak on the outside, Trace has within him surprising power, both physical, magical and emotional, that he hopes he will get the chance to express in future.
          Friends: Cheshire, Aron, Esmerelda, Laurence and, occasionally, Orion
          Crush: has a bit of a thing for an Evergirl called Illyana, but nothing he would ever admit.
          Weapon: a magical tulip and his smile
          Pet: a scarlet pixie called Norlani.
          Fingerglow: blinding white-gold

          Name: Lydia
          School: Good for Boys (her father had strong enough connections for her to be transferred to the boy classes)
          Parents: The Malachite Maid a.k.a.The Azov Girl (Mistress of the Copper Mountain from Russian folklore) and Robin Hood
          Age: 13, going on 14
          Talent: She is the fourth best archer ever to have attended the School and has the unique power to summon and bend gems or things beneath the earth to her will. Can speak to lizards. Trained in several martial arts disciplines.
          Backstory: She grew up beneath the copper mountain, among forges, lizards and mines. She was very close to her mother: they often read fairy tales together by the fireside in the evenings, but was isolated from much human contact, with only lizard craftsmen and her imagination for company. Being alone gave her a lot of chance to hone her skills: she mastered several fighting techniques and became an excellent gardener and crafter. It was only on her ninth birthday that her mother disclosed to her her father: Robin Hood, who had sent her away for fear of angering Maid Marian. The Malachite Lady had no more to offer her daughter, however, so she decided to take the risk. She sent Lydia to Sherwood Forest the very next day: accompanied by the three most skilled lizards in the mountain, who succeeded surprisingly well when protecting her on their journey from Russia to Britain. When she reached the bustling, wild, enormous city, Lydia changed. Her language skills widened. She exchanged many of her delicate Russian dresses for practical leather boots and floppy hats. Of course, Marian and Lydia were uncomfortable for a few days…but they soon warmed up to each other when they realised how much they had in common. When Lydia turned 13, she received her Flowerground Pass. She strongly refused at first, and Maid Marian (a tomboy herself) backed her up. Robin got in touch with Professor Dovey, and managed to charm his way into transferring his daughter to boys’ class. Lydia, grudgingly, agreed to go.
          Appearance: Lydia used to adore her mother’s handcrafted dresses…but now prefers a kind of cross between the Everboy and Evergirl uniform, with some remnants of her mountain life: tight brown trousers, a floppy brown leather hat, pointy bronze boots, a loose malachite thread shirt, a malachite thread jacket and copper ribbons tied into her hair. She is stunningly beautiful, like the Mistress of Copper Mountain. Unlike her mother, she wears no makeup and makes no attempt to accentuate her beauty. Wears a lucky medallion round her neck: the most prized item in Eurasia, made from rare red malachite and forged in magical blue fire when the sun is at its highest yearly point. Blue eyes, long, straight black hair.
          Personality: Incredibly feisty, with a very feminist view on life. You could call her a tomboy, but she’s more of a believer that girls can do everything boys can…and sometimes better. She certainly proves this to be true. A strong character, who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in. Actually incredibly witty once you get past all the bravado, with a sensitive side and a passion for gardening and wildlife. An intelligent, cocky sense of humour. Pretty cheerful, but not chatty. She doesn’t trust many, but is fiercely loyal to those she does. She can, however, bear grudges for a very long time. A VERY long time.
          Crush: Cheshire, though it will take a lot for her to admit it.
          Weapon: Bow and magic arrows. A crystal dagger kept in her boot.
          Pet: Three super-intelligent lizards: a black one (Ash), a green one (Timber) and a red one (Firecracker). They can actually craft things, jump long distances, scale walls and have extraordinary hearing.
          Finger glow: Deep, rich blue-green

        dixie replied 4 years ago

        Thanks @Peppy and @Arian2. I will use Trace and Lydia very soon! 🙂

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