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    Hey guys, so whilst I continue to work on draft 11 of ‘The Broken Heart’, I still want to provide other content. I found these two poems on my laptop, one from 2018 and the other in 2019, and I had a very different opinion on the subject of these poems in the year which passed between them. Since I found both poems extremely funny, I am going to share them with you.
    HIS THRONE: 2018

    Mind and heart have come to an agreement
    That can’t be explained by logic alone.
    This feeling I have is no achievement,
    For I will forever bow to his throne.
    And yet I see that he is nowhere near,
    So I now find I want two things at once;
    To be eternally by his side here,
    And to be away from his brilliance.
    My heart flutters and I feel hot
    When I see him, but I know it can’t be
    Because mine to love he is not.
    He never was, it was a fantasy.
    And so here I sit two years down the track,
    Desperately wishing to turn the time back.

    KNEELING: 2019
    I no longer kneel before anyone
    For I have learnt that kneeling leaves you sore.
    I let my mind and soul be overrun
    By thoughts of you which send my heart to war.
    I regret the long time I spent kneeling
    Before you and your ever-pristine throne.
    Reflecting on those days, I am healing.
    I have become a person of my own.
    Now it is I who wears the golden crown,
    Because now I am finally my own Queen.
    And now it is I who sits on a throne
    Adorned in jewels of red, gold, blue and green.
    I mightn’t be healed, but I know what I need
    I know when it’s time to pluck out the weed.

        outdoorpoet replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        Draft 11. Wow, dedication. *claps hands and gestures to you* You are now my living example lol.
        These were wonderful, and I love your content. Thank you for sharing! I love your poetry style, and I can see how you’ve improved.
        ” no longer kneel before anyone
        For I have learnt that kneeling leaves you sore.”
        Was just.. stunning, in one word.

          donutqueen11 replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

          Ha ha. Thanks, @Outdoorpoet! Oh, god, that’s so lovely, thank you. Thank you so much, I love to see that people enjoy my content. It was no problem, I thought you guys would enjoy them. Ha ha. Thanks. I love to write in sonnets, but iambic pentameter is a pain. I’m glad you liked that line! My 16 year old self was very proud. 😂

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