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    dotofgavaldon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 12 months ago

    Her mouth was aching from it being loud enough to swallow a frog. Cold hands were gripping her shoulder tightly. Her legs were dangling dangerously and were kicking, which was STUPID!
    She felt the hands starting to slip and she screamed even louder-
    And he threw her to a large, annoying segull.
    It seemed a lot scarier than it sounds.
    She didn’t heed her fathers warning.
    “DAWN!” he had screamed. “YOU NEED TO STOP USING YOUR HEAD AND START USING YOUR HEART. If you dont even TRUST your own father, how could you NOT go to the Evil School?”
    Dawn had never trusted anyone fully. She was fine with it. It meant she never got hurt. She was never betrayed. So, instead of telling everyone what happens in her heart, or anything in her head, she just ignored everyone. It was actually very interesting to see the stupid kids who tried to befriend her as a “Good Deed”.
    But when the school master had taken her, she wondered if her dad was right. Were her trust issues going to land her in the School for Evil? Was she going to be the next powerful villain in the stories she loved?
    Another child was screaming next to her. Jake was his name. He was quiet, handsome and favoured by girls for being the “Bad Boy”.
    Dale never really liked him. He seemed like a cranky, overrated spoiled prat. But he was right next to her screaming by her side.
    He was the one all the girls liked. The one parents loved. And she was a dark-souled, untrusting evil witch.
    Face it, she thought. Face it. You’re evil.
    She felt another slide on her shoulder. This crazy bird was about to let go of her.
    With a sigh, she closed her eyes and raised her arms, surrendering to a future as a unloved villain.
    She was released.
    Free falling, her tears flew upwards as she faced her fears and –
    Slowly, she opened her eyes.
    And suddenly she was gazing upon a white marble tower, surrounded by fluffy white clouds, beatiful girls and adorable fairies.
    She was staring at the legendary school for good.

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        Just lovely!
        Keep it up! 🙂

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