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    The Dawn of Impurity
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    Chapter Nine
    “Wh-What?” Jake stammered. This was the first time in this school he had felt REAL fear. There was something menacing in this boy’s voice.
    “Wh-What?” He mocked. Jake still couldn’t see his face. This stranger was lurking in the shadows. If there was ever a time where Jake felt completely unwelcome, this was it. The voice was a rich alto, filled with dark emotions, sending chills down Jake’s back with just the sound of it. He struggled to his feet.
    Suddenly, the stranger’s leg kicked out and pushed Jake back onto the floor. Pain exploded in his chest. He wondered how so much power could you force into one kick. Again, he got back up.
    The voice roared.
    “How DARE you!” It rasped “How DARE you stand where they stood. Villains who wore evil like a suit of armour, whose eyes blazed with rage – and you stand here, unashamedly normal.”
    For the first time, Jake saw the stranger’s face.
    Cold, white skin. Bloodless cheeks. Lean, strong arms.
    A strong jaw began his face, along with hollowed cheeks and regal cheekbones. His forehead was covered with greyish-blue hair that fell flawlessly into place. But without a doubt the most intimidating was his eyes. A ravishing blue, they were fearlessly aflame, the colors dancing. For the first time, Jake understood the phrase, ‘Eyes are the window to the soul.’ The heart of this stranger had been ripped, torn and thrown to trash, the picked up, and forced back together. Terror rippled through Jake’s body.
    “Who ARE you?” He asked fearfully.
    Eyes blazing, the stranger lifted his chin.
    “I am Efrain,” he proclaimed. “Son of Morgana Le Fay.”

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