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    dotofgavaldon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 5 years, 5 months ago

    Chapter Twelve
    The Welcoming

    “Why were you talking to him?” Asked Julie. She had invited Dawn to sit with her, and Dawn had gladly accepted. The other girls were giving her customised uniform a strange, disapproving look.
    “I mean, sure, he’s good looking, but he IS a Never -” Dawn cut off Julie suddenly and glared at her, vivid blue eyes cutting into hers. .
    “First, he’s Jake, not ‘him’ , second, I was talking to him because I KNOW him. He’s the other reader that came with me. Last, what are you talking about? What in ***** name is a ‘Never?”
    Julie smiled pityingly. Dawn did not appreciate it.
    “Oh, silly me. I forgot to explain. “Nevers”, darling , are what we call the soon-to- be villains. It’s short for ‘Nevermore’, which is evil paradise, where they splinter their mortal forms to become immortal beings of divine evil. We, princes and princesses in training, are called ‘Evers’, which is short for ‘Ever After’, which is what happens when we win our Fairytales. You know all about Fairytales, of course.”
    Dawn nodded. Julie continued.
    “So, when you reach ‘the end’ of the fairytale, someone HAS to have had their happy ending. If Evil wins, the winning villain goes to Nevermore, and the hero presumably dies.”
    She gulped. ‘Dies?’ She thought.
    “If Good wins, then the hero has achieved Ever After, earning their happy ending, and the villain is disgraced, or dead. ”
    “Wait.” Dawn interrupted . “I’ve NEVER seen Evil win a single story.”
    Julie nodded.
    “For two hundred years, Good won every story, just after the Great War, where one of the twin school masters dies. The remaining schoolmaster, everyone assumed controlled the Storian, which is the magic pen that writes Fairytales. Since good won every story, people assumed the schoolmaster was good.
    “So, four years ago, the story of Sophie and Agatha started. They were also from woods beyond, as I recall. Sophie, who became known as ‘The Witch of the Woods Beyond’ or later known as ‘The Good Witch’ was in love with Tedros, son of King Arthur. She was so beautiful, so enchanting and so he fell in love with her. But, as it turned out, they were never meant to be . Instead, his destined princess was Agatha, Princess of Woods Beyond. True love blossomed between them. Sophie was so angry , she transformed into a vengeful witch and almost killed Agatha and Tedros. However, she climbed to the top of the schoolmaster’s tower in an attempt to write her own fairytale. But, as it turns out, the schoolmaster was Evil!
    “You see, the reason that Good won every story was because of good’s love. Good’s love is more powerful than any sin of evil, meaning as long as evil could never love, good would always triumph. In the tower, Sophie learnt that there is something more powerful than Good’s love – Evil’s love. Love painful and dark , love that turns hurt into power and blood into beauty. Here, in the tower, Sophie learnt that the young schoolmaster was HER true love. If he kissed her, she was sealing her fate into something more powerful than both Nevermore and Ever After – Never After.
    “But she realised that he didn’t love her, and that she would never be loved. But she could love, herself. She loved Agatha, her best friend with all her heart. So, in an attempt to save Agatha, she rejected him and pushed him out of the tower window , falling down in the process. The schoolmaster, angry and jealous, threw the Storian at Agatha, attempting to spear her heart. But Sophie jumped in front of her, sacrificing herself to save Agatha . With her last breath, she told Agatha she loved her, and died in her arms. Agatha, weeping, kissed her cold lips. The love between them was so strong it brought her back to life and took them back to Gavaldon, princeless and joyful.
    “But Agatha pined for her prince. And Sophie missed her dead mother. So they both made wishes, and both made acts of ultimate betrayal. Agatha tried to banish Sophie as a **** witch. Agatha, in the end, was banished by Sophie, who fell in love with with the schoolmaster . Agatha and Tedros, now in danger, began to miss and long for their best friend. But Sophie was deeply in love with Rafal, the handsome young schoolmaster. Sadly, it seemed all was lost.
    “Yet Sophie still had a little good in her heart. She destroyed her queen’s ring and vanquished Rafal, killing him forever. She became the Dean for the School for Evil, at 16, mind you, and Agatha and Tedros became rulers of Camelot. ”
    Julie was finished, and began to fix her hair –
    When she heard a rumbling in the halls.

        dotofgavaldon replied 5 years, 5 months ago

        All of the CREDIT for The Story of Sophie and Agatha goes to Soman Chainani – You are SUCH an inspiration to me!

        sephtis25 replied 5 years, 5 months ago

        Love it great!!!!

        peppy replied 5 years, 5 months ago

        Wow! That was AMAZING! 😛

        dotofgavaldon replied 5 years, 5 months ago

        I’m so glad you both like it !

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