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    The Dawn of Impurity
    Chapter 19
    The Dark Knight

    “WHY do we Uglify?” barked Professor Manley.
    Jake, in his opinion, saw no need. For one, he knew better than most people that good looks and the ability to charm was very useful – he could have been discarded as just some random kid from the filthy streets of Gavaldon, was it not for his charming little antics and manners. And not to mention, it was a little pointless to make this kid any uglier – actually, there were 3 people in this room who were average to good looking; Him, with bright sparkly eyes and a bewitching smile, Efrain, with his darkly handsome features, strong cheekbones and flawless, snow-white skin, and Stephis, the girl who had sort of, kind of not really caught his eyes. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, or stunning – but she looked INTERESTING, and she made him want find out more about her, with just the way she looked.
    She had black hair, crawling on her shoulders, a mix of spider black and cappicino brown.her skin, just one shade lighter than his own. Her eyes, almond shaped and framed by thick black eyelashes and unkempt eyebrows, were hazel, with flickering shades between green and brown. Her thin lips, crackly and dry, were a pale shade of pink, hiding crooked, but beautifully white teeth. she was tall and willowy, about 2 inches shorter than Efrain and an inch shorter than him.
    He stared at her, then scrawled a note. And flung it to her discreetly, it read:
    “Hey, sorry about earlier. I’m Jake, and I’d like to get to know you a bit better – you seem cool. Are you down?”
    She opened up the wrinkled note, and Jake saw her hazel eyes skim over it. She scowled, and, to his horror, she looked up, raised her hand and gave him an extremely rude hand gesture.
    His face flamed scarlet. Efrain smirked, dark shadows cast over his defined features.
    Well, it got worse.
    “YOU!” Yelled Manley, to Jake.
    Jake snapped to attention. Manley was glaring at him with bulging eyes.
    “Why do we uglify?”
    Jake racked his brain –
    Anger and confusion built up in him, ready to burst.
    “ANSWER ME!”
    Silence rippled through the room. Jake felt like take permanent residence in a nice cozy place – called a COFFIN!
    Manley stared at him. Then, he slowly began to clap. His **** face broke into a wide grin.
    “You see, worthless ones?” He bellowed. “This one has aggression built up – mark my words, this one will get us the best victory since our beautiful, villainous dean! This one is our champion, our evil king, our winning soldier – our DARK NIGHT!”

        sharpwitch replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Awesome chapter

        leslie191234 replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        That was an amazing chapter!

        peppy replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Wow. I LOVED that! 😉

        dotofgavaldon replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Great! Thanks, everyone!

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