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    The Dawn of Impurity
    Chapter 20
    Stephis, the non-princess
    Yeah, no.
    Jake was 199990% DONE with THIS.
    His mind swirled like a whirlpool. He clearly could not process exactly what had just happened, so he didn’t bother. He was already exausted after having his face slammed into a bowl of delicious tadpole soup and promptly burst out in hideous shingles. He was moving swiftly to his next class , avoiding the envious stares of classmates and the venomous glare of Efrain (he had earnt first rank in the last class) when a body sidled up to him. He looked down.
    It was Stephis.
    “Hey,” he mumbled, his shoulders hunching up, and cheeks flushing brilliant red. Was she going to humilate him again?
    She didn’t smile.
    “Hi.” she replied dryly.
    “So…” he couldn’t really continue. “What was that for, back in the classroom?”
    She raised an eyebrow.
    “What was that dumb note about?” she replied, scathingly. “Just talk to me like a flipping human, idiot.”
    He felt himself flush wine red. She made him feel like a small child, ignorant and unimportant.
    She softened.
    “Look, let’s start again…” she held out her hand. Jake took it.
    “I’m Stephis.”
    Again, he noted her voice, sweeter than honey, with an air of intelligence, and more addictive than any drug. Just one word would from her would leave you begging like a dog.
    He looked around. Nobody seemed to notice Stephis – how could they not?
    “I’m Jake.” he told her.
    She withdrew her hand, and grinned. She had a very unusual smile – usually, a girl with crooked teeth looks awful exposing them, yet she seemed more inviting, when she exposed a flaw fearlessly like that.
    “So…” she murmured coyly…
    “What happens now?”

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        Just wonderful. 😀

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