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    doublen posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well and having a good Summer! Here’s Chapter 4 of Skylar’s Tale! (I was thinking of naming it “A Tale of Two Sisters”. Any thoughts or suggestions are still greatly appreciated!) Anyway, feel free to leave constructive criticism! I hope you enjoy! Lemme not of you wanna get tagged or untagged! 🥰🤗😊 Now, onto Chapter 4!

    *Chapter 4: Where Do You Really Belong?*
    The something that had come to the two to-be students of the School for Good and Evil wasn’t really a ‘thing’ at all. It was a he. In fact, he was a certain
    Yuba the Gnome that you may have heard of. You must know, my dear reader, that, although this seems unlikely, it does happen occasionally.
    Skylar woke up that morning to vigorous knocks on their cottage’s oak door. Yawning exhaustedly, she got out of bed, unable to think straight. She hobbled towards the front of the house, wondering who she would be approaching. Gradually, Skylar opened the door and peered around it to find the legendary Yuba standing outside her cottage… That startled her, her eyes opening wide.

    “Are you…?” was all that Skylar could manage to say in her half-asleep state.

    “Yes, yes. But no time for introductions. I have some important questions to ask you about your applications to the School for Good and Evil. That is, if you really are Skylar of Woods Beyond?”

    “Yup! *Yawn* That’s me…”
    She caught Yuba giving her a strange look.
    “Sorry, but umm… I kinda just woke up…”

    “Never mind that. Care to let me in?”

    “Of course! Sorry about that!” Skylar blurted, surprised that she hadn’t already. She had spent most of the night before researching the School she was to be attending soon, so she hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

    “Please just give me two minutes while I get ready. I don’t mean to be rude or anything though! Should I bring my sister down too? She also sent an application and she got accepted into the School for Good. Her name is Kaci.”

    “Sure. It would be better to talk to you both at once.” Yuba replied in a gruff voice, already starting to get impatient. He was here to do one job and one job alone. This wasn’t a usual thing he would do, but he was a member of the faculty at the School for Good and Evil, and someone had to do it.

    Skylar and Kaci returned in a few minutes, the sound of their feet as they came down the stairs in perfect sync. Upstairs, Skylar had woken up Kaci saying that they had a special guest who needed to see them both immediately. At first, the fatigued teenager had been reluctant to get out of bed (she had stayed up at night with her sister) but something in Skylar’s voice had made her get up. She wasn’t sure what it was, (fear? worry? doubt?) but she did know one thing for certain: it was important.

    As the two girls descended the staircase, Skylar whispered quickly about Yuba to Kaci, making her gasp. There was no time for them to talk anymore, however, as they had already reached the bottom.

    Yuba sat at the glass table in the Dining Room, awaiting the girls’ arrival. He didn’t have to wait very long. Skylar and Kaci grabbed chairs of their own and sat opposite him (Kaci’s jaw hanging slightly open as she stared at the legend who was Yuba the Gnome). It was at that moment that he began to tell them.

    “Hello again, Skylar. And I assume you must be Kaci. A pleasure to meet you both. But as I said earlier, there isn’t much time to talk. You only have 2 more days until you are expected to arrive at the School for Good and Evil, and we still have a serious matter to discuss- “
    The two girls focused on him, making sure they listened to every word…
    “As you both know, this year, we have opened the School to applications from Readers, allowing us to ask every applicant a series of questions that they must answer on the forms. Their answers may or may not allow them into the School. We don’t normally get two applications from one person, however recently, we have received two forms from you, Skylar. Both with completely different answers.
    You see, this means one of them is true while the other isn’t. We would’ve
    accepted both, as one was purely Evil and one was purely Good. This, of course, couldn’t have worked out in any way, and so, the rest of the faculty and I thought it was only fair to find out which of these applications held your real
    thoughts, your honest dreams and hopes for the Endless Woods. So, which is it, Skylar? Which are you deep inside? Good or Evil? Where do you really belong?”

        elviaofcamelot replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        This is sooo good, please tag me 😊

        outdoorpoet replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        OK, OK. Wow! Your title completely hooked me. I loved the way you wrote your characters thoughts throughout the piece, and it was just. So. GOOD! TAGGLES PLEASE!

          doublen replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Which one? “Skylar’s Tale,” or “A Tale of Two Sisters….” Lol! I’m glad you liked it!

        cocostar replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Ooh, tag me!

        evergirl391 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Wait you forgot tags for this chapter-

        doublen replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        @evergirl … Yeah! I just realised! 😥😥😥 SORRY! In the country that I am in, it was 11pm when I posted this so I must’ve forgotten… The annoying thing is, I had literally been thinking about tags and I just blanked and forgot to add them! SORRY! 😥😥

        doublen replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        Also, thanks for lovely comments everyone! I’ll be sure to tag y’all in the upcoming chapters! (That is, if I remember 😅😅🥰😊)

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