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    doublen posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, y’all! I hope you are all doing really well! Here’s is Chapter 5 of “A Tale of Two Sisters”! (I am still open to new title suggestions!) I just wanted to say that I am REALLY SORRY for forgetting to tag last time: I was kinda in a rush! Anyway, just lemme know if you wanna be tagged or untagged! Also, feel free to leave any constructive criticism: it would be really appreciated!
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    @lunalovegood17 (You commented on Chapter 3 so I am unsure whether you wanna be tagged…Just lemme know if you don’t wanna be…)
    Now, onto the story!
    *Chapter 5: Who Are You Deep Down?*

    Yuba glared at Skylar, awaiting her response.
    “Ummm…” was all Skylar managed to say. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to answer the professor. Everything was a
    mess, her thoughts blurred.
    “I… I…” the girl stammered. “I am not really sure… You see-” Yuba cut her off.

    “Skylar, are you not the one that wrote these forms? Take a look…”

    At this, he brought out a piece of parchment: it was Skylar’s fake form, the one she had filled with lies. This application had crimson lace covering the edges, the colour reminding Skylar of blood.
    Nonchalantly, Yuba brought out a second piece of parchment, this one similar to Kaci’s, as its edges were covered with baby-pink lace, the colour of cotton-candy. This one, however, was written not by Skylar, but by Kaci. To Yuba, this may not have seemed as obvious, since the girls’ handwriting was very similar. But to the teenagers, it was quite unmistakable.

    Trying to hide this, Skylar quickly began to read this new application.
    – Name: Skylar of Woods Beyond

    – Address: 379 Gavaldon Main Street

    – Most Admired Person: Professor August Sader from the School for Good and Evil, as he helps his students not only learn History by reading about it, but lets them see History the way he does. This gives them more of an understanding of everything that happens, making it all clearer. And although he is blind, he still instils hope into his pupils with his kind words and warm smile.

    – Favourite Book: The Ever-Never Handbook

    – If I Were an Animal, I’d Like to Be A: Red Fox, as they are stealthy and elegant, while they are very protective of their families and are independent as they grow.

    – If You Were Marooned on A Deserted Island, What 3 Things Would You Want to Have:
    1. A friend or family member (preferably one of my siblings).
    2. A fire, as it could be one of the main keys to getting off the Island – it is also helpful at night.
    3. A book so that I could be occupied by doing something useful – it may also help me get off the Island.

    – Reasons To Want To Attend The School For Good And Evil: I want to expand my knowledge of the Endless Woods so that I’d be able to teach others about all the wonderful things this world can offer. I also would like to be able to help society by writing my own books about everything that I learn to teach others in the future.
    Skylar was gobsmacked: Kaci had captured her character perfectly.
    “So?” Yuba questioned impatiently. “Did you write these or not? Deep down, are you Good or Evil?”

    “Well…” Skylar started, worried about what she would do.

    “I’ll give you time… I know first-hand that telling the truth can be quite a challenge,” Yuba replied, seeing Skylar’s face as it filled with worry and doubt. “However, while we are on the subject of applications, I would just like to ask you, Kaci, whether you are aware that your form has very similar handwriting to Skylar’s? I know this is common between siblings, but we just wanted to be 100% sure…”
    Skylar looked back down at the glass table to find that Yuba had placed a third piece of parchment, this one in front of Kaci, with edges also covered in baby-pink lace. She promptly began to read this one too…
    – Name: Kaci of Woods Beyond

    – Address: 379 Gavaldon Main Street

    – Favourite Book: The Ever-Never Handbook (If that counts as a book)

    – Most Admired Person: Dean Clarissa Dovey of the School for Good, as she always helps her students, while trying to uplift their moods and give them hope when it seems that they have reached their dooms and/or all hope is lost.

    – If I Were an Animal, I’d Like to Be A: Domestic Cat, because they are very lovable and always brighten up people’s moods, even if they feel really lonely or in need of company.

    – If You Were Marooned on A Deserted Island What 3 Things Would You Want to Have:
    1. A Friend (I wouldn’t want to put my family in harm’s way)
    2. A fire so that I can keep warm and see at night
    3. Some food so that I can feed the animals on the Island and they could help me get home.

    – Reasons To Want To Attend The School For Good And Evil: I want to meet people from all over the Endless Woods while making new friends along the way. I would also like to be able to use my knowledge to help this world and make it a better place!
    “Definitely Kaci’s,” Skylar thought, holding back a smile.
    “Actually, Yuba, we both have very similar handwriting, since we learnt how to write together and we always help each other perfect our writing! Isn’t that right, Kaci?” Skylar answered the professor, before turning to her sister and giving her the slightest wink.

    “Yes, that’s right, Skylar! We’re inseparable!” Kaci replied enthusiastically, following her sister’s lead.

    “As you can see Yuba, both of my applications are written by none other than myself! And Kaci wrote hers on her own,” Skylar added, seeing Yuba’s eyes peer closely at the three forms.

    “Well, if you say so. But you still haven’t answered whether you are Good or Evil. You obviously can’t go to both. So, where do you feel you belong?”

    “You see, professor, I feel deep down that I am Evil… I… I just wrote the other form to find out whether I would be able to pull off something as different as being Good. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses if you’re Evil you know… I honestly didn’t expect that I would be allowed into both,” Skylar lied, her cheeks starting to turn a bright shade of pink. She had no clue as to how to respond, so she had said the first thing that had come to mind, ensuring her place at the School for Evil. It meant the world to her if she could find the Truth, and she was planning to hunt it down no matter what it took.

    Yuba’s eyes stared directly into Skylar’s, as if looking straight into her mind.
    “Hmm… Well, this shows that you are truly Evil, trying to trick us faculty members and bringing me all the way over here,” Yuba responded with a slight groan in his voice. He sat up a little straighter. “Kaci, I will be seeing you at the School for Good. As for you, Skylar, you have just earned yourself a place at the School for Evil. You two best get ready for your departure; you may have less time than you both think…” with that, the Gnome got out of his chair and began to walk towards the door. He slowly tipped his hat and exited, leaving the two girls sitting alone in the Dining Room.

    “Wooh! Now that that’s over, let’s have breakfast, shall we?” Skylar said, relieved that Yuba had finally left.
    She felt the dread gradually crawl onto her, trapping her in it’s inescapable
    _______________________________________________________________I hope you all enjoyed! By the way, here is a Google Docs Link for anyone who would like to read the previous chapters again!

        sophiesway replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        This is very good! The story is about two sisters no? And there applications are all about helping, right? So maybe… Two Sisters For A Change? Idk… IT WAS VERY GOOD!

          doublen replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Thanks for reading! I am really glad you enjoyed it! And Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to think about it… Do you wanna get tagged?

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          I’m glad you liked it! 😁😊🥰

        smileyface365 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        This was really good! Tag me!

          doublen replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Sure thing! Yours is AWESOME too!!! 😍😍😊😊🥰

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        Tagging sounds great!

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          Will do!

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        oh no they’ve been dISCOVERED-

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