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    dragondreamer26 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi this will be my second attempt at a to here hope you like it comment for tags
    Aria.v.highfawn /f/16/ a kind and fearless person she gets sasy when she’s mad/waist length wavy long d I r t y blonde hair small button nose one forest green eye one ice blue eye rose pink lips delicate face ,5’2 /wears mostly a pale yellow dress with a slight frill at the bottom light blue slippers and a small pendet from her father / she lives with her step mom, her mother died at childbirth and her father passed from natural causes/,some times her eye colors switch sides
    ..Lucas/m/17/ a strong stubborn leader type but underneath her is a bashful and caring person/short fluffy light Brown hair chestnut Brown eyes, rough hands, and a soft looking face 5’6 a white under shirt with a dark olive green over coat/no fam/ has a chestnut horse named cinnamon
    ……lucy/f/48/a harsh and cruel person who lies to get her way/silvery grey hair done up in a bun steal grey eyes she has one of those pointed noses/ a black widows gown with a bell shaped bottom and a dark purple vale and gold rimed glasses /step mom to aria was 2nd wife to the king/power hungry, throws loud party’s

    Chapter 1, I can’t take it !
    Aria was scrambling through halls her slippers sliding on the hard polished wood floors, she had to be there before that dreaded bell rings the thought as she sprinted up the stone stairs the pounding of her feet and her thundering heart beat seamed to echo up and down the tower stairs , a d just as she reached the door and rotated the cold steal handle her step mom Lucy rang the bell “late again” Lucy sneered “You know what that means another grand party with you to clean it up before day break” Lucy smiled ,, “yes ma’am” aria responds “don’t forget to press my satin gown and you must prepare the food for at least 70people” Lucy says As she walks out of the sitting rood,
    Once Lucy was gone aria leaned against the wall and slumped down putting her face in her hands “father ,father I can’t take it anymore you said it would be better the high of us, I put on a brave face for you and get I can’t do it anymore” she whispers to her self as she climbs to her feet and starts to hear up the iron press in the fire as it is heating up she pulls out Lucy’s dress. She lift up the hot iron press in her hand and slowly starts pushing the wrinkles out, she hangs the dress up and take the stairs to the grand hall aria slides open a side door a d steps into the dimly lit kitchen, she sniffles as she pulls out pots and starts the stove,’the best I can do is a roast ‘ aria decides pulling g the bunk of meat into her arms, she wobbles under the weight, it makes a loud ;thunk!; as she heaves it on to the table she in wraps it and places it into the biggest lot with carrots and diced potatos, Ariz opens the cellar steps and lifts up 5 bottles of aged wine as the roast simers she starts sweeping the kitchen floor

        everimagine replied 3 months, 3 weeks ago

        Sounds cool! Please tag me!

          dragondreamer26 replied 3 months, 3 weeks ago


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