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    dritten25 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter 1
    Katherine ran and ran she didn’t stop or know we’re she was going all she knew was that she would never come back home to Avalon, she kept running and running , and afte many miles of running she saw that the path was no longer Iced and snowy witch meant she had done it. She had left Avalon for good. The sky was dark and filled with stars, she sat underneath a tree nearby her eyes lids were heavy and droopy, she tried to stay awake but was soon lost in a dream
    The dream
    She was back at her house in Avalon ,but nobody was there , she was bored so she looked out a window and what she saw prickled her with jealousy and anger her little sister Lila was playing with her parents and she was smiling and, her parents even looked happy too, they had never given her love or even a smile, was it because she was born looking like a witch not an **** one but a witch that needed to be looked up and left alone,whereas perfect Lila was born with beautiful hair and eyes , she was like the perfect princess and Katherine was th Lony hag. And that’s exactly what she saw next.but she instantly woke and looked up to see a beautiful figure with blonde hair and emerald eyes, and a purple deen’s cape , Katherine instantly recognized her ” Sophie ” she said,

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        Oh and @hanidot

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        Oooh!!! Love it!!!!

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