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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 10 months, 1 week ago

    I am going to start a whole new story because I am really behind and sort of lost in all the other ones…. So here’s her bio.
    Name: Avalona of Rainbow gale
    Age: 13
    Fingerglow: magenta
    Gender: girl
    School: good
    Parents: uma of Foxwood and Jack of rainbow gale.
    Backstory: she lived in rainbow gale for all her life. She grew up hearing stories about villains and heroes. Her parents always seemed to side with the good side, but Avalona didn’t seem to side with good or evil. Because she thought both were fishy. How could good be so lucky and beautiful, and evil so grumpy and crude. And why were the princesses and princes good just because the story said they were! Evil witches were evil because the story books said they were! When she got older and learned about the school for good and evil, she thought it was cruel to train boys and girls to become heroes and villains.so they could fight and have dangerous stories for others to use as entertainment! Some died! When she explained it to her towns elders, they made her live in the woods, because they themselves were almost picked for the schoolfrgoodandevilgoodandevil, but didn’t and it was a touchy subject. So she was left to live in the woods.
    Appearance: wavy cookie colored hair, dirt eyes, moony skin, pink lips, freckles, short nose, pointy ears, slender body, black boots, brown cloak, green dress, and a pearl neakless.
    Siblings: none
    Talent: Unknown
    Hates: good,evil, and especially boys
    Likes: stymphs
    Flaws: way too impulsive,inpaitionint, and rude, also is a big pessimist
    Pets: none
    Good at: climbing,fighting and being annoying
    Just for fun here are some amazing websites
    And bookscavenger.com were you can find books hide books and solve riddles!

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        Tag me!

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