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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 10 months ago

    Here’s chapter 1 of Avalona of rainbow gale
    Chapter 1
    It had only been weeks since I had been sent to live in the woods. But I have already gotten used to the smell of fresh pine trees, and the chilly wind. But even the beauty of the forest didn’t calm my anger. Why did the elders have me sent to the woods just because of my correct opinion! It wasn’t MY falt everybody misunderstood that evil and good aren’t so clear cut, that evil is only evil because the stories says so. That good is only heroic and good because the fairytales say they are! And what does some old pen know anyway? The more I thought about it. The more frustrated I became. To get my nerves down I took a short walk around my “territory “. Not knowing what day of the year it was, was a mistake. After I had made a bend around the tree, a shadow of pure darkness came bolting toward me, closer, closer. So close! “AHHHH” I screamed as I ducked.i quickly threw myself into the bushes. Hopping I would be unseen. But no. I was wrong. The shadow lifted me up. As soon as we flew up. A boy no older than 14 appeared next to me. Almost as if he had just used magic. He had Raven hair with some dark brown highlights, a droopy nose, flat ears, some cuts on his squashed face, and a round body.his scowling blue eyes looked at me with unnecessary rage. Then my mind made the connection, the shadow was the ” school master”. And I was being flown off to be a student at … GULPPPP… The school for good and evil! “NOOOOO!'” I yelled. Struggling with rage. I don’t want to be trained to kill people, or fight people! Or… Or … Ew be a stuck up princess! Or a misguided witch! I wanted OUT of this GOOD! EVIL! Stereotypical world! I screamed out for help wishing on freedom… Answered with crickets chirping. Soon me and the boy were over the endless forest. And all I can remember was falling as fast as light, we bolted downward until we hit the ground with a loud THUMP. My back, legs, arms, and feet cramped with sizzling pain. Roar of sharp aching spread through my body. But within minutes me and the boy recovered the fall. Only to be looked straight in the eye by a stmph, who bucked us on and took off. My eyes glowed with exitment! I was riding a real STMPH!!!! I had only dreamt and read about the creatures in stories! They were the best part in my point of view. My hands were high in the air when two castles came into view. One glass and elegant, one black and moldy with a river of goop. The glass castle was easyly reconized as the good school with its clear moat, and shiny walls. Same with the other one.evil’s tower looked almost like a thousand year old crumbled obsiden covered in mold. I was terrified.when the creature dropped me into goods river, I screamed and screamed. But I was falling so fast I couldn’t hear even a whisper of what I was screaming. Falling at an alarming rate of speed, I dropped into the cold water. Out of habit, my body swam up to the surface and took a huge breath. Then swam over to the surface, where fairys were giding beautiful girls, and handsome boys to the school. Then I realized, if I could be a student for a while. I could learn enough spells and whatever we learn to shut down both schools for good. I gave the fairys a wicked smirk. And strode into the school.
    Her bio is in my activity.
    Ask in the comments if you want to be tagged!
    Hope you liked it!

        lovergirl replied 10 months ago

        Nice! I loved it!!

        crazycatlady101 replied 10 months ago

        Tag meee

        bright-star replied 10 months ago

        Cool! Thx u for the tag

          dritten25 replied 10 months ago

          You said you wanted to be tagged. So there is no need of saying thankyou

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