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    Chaper 2
    Princes and pink
    Chapter 2
    Princes and pink
    As I walked into the school for good, I nearly threw up. Pink was everywhere. As if the school had caught a pink infection, but ignored it for 1,000 years. Also the school was swarmed with dainty and beautiful girls. They were all talking about stuff such as
    Oh my nail polish faded!
    Your dress is so fab, I mean the hem is gorgeous! Were did you get it!
    Is my blush still on!
    Or a lot of
    Hey! Are you excited about the ever boys too! I hope I catch a rose!
    The ever boys were apparently the boys. The ever boys were all ready heading to their dorm rooms. With their uniforms tucked neatly in a basket containing books. Eager to shut down this school I tried to be unnoticed. I didn’t want people remembering me shuting down the school. Or people would come after me. I’d probably be on a wanted poster with a big reward. That would not be fun. So I crept around girls to get in line for uniforms and books. Making sure I hid my face. Soon enough, ( after ducking and weaving around squealing girls) I made it to a short line of girls and some boys. What appeared to be nymphs were handing out uniforms and baskets of books.
    After twenty minutes of waiting I finally made it to a orange nymph who handed me a poffy dress that was as pink as well… PINK! Ugh I thought, more pink. The short dress looked like a junior princess dress. Like one to be trained with. More of this fun school’s tricks! I thought sarcastically. I moved up the line to a sea green nymph who gave me a basket fashioned like red riding hood’s. It was heavy. And it was filled with snarky and stuck up princess books. Out of two schools she had to be in the one that involved pink. I noticed I was holding up the line so I moved up to a pink nymph who handed me a shedule, I moved out of line, seeing no more nymph made my glad. So I looked down at my shedule
    Avalona of Rainbow gale
    Good 1st year
    Charity tower 11
    1. Good deeds. Professor Dovey
    2. History of heroesim. Professor sader
    3. Beautification. Professor anemone
    4. Surviving fairy tales
    (Forest group #4.) Yuba the gnome
    5. Lunch
    6. Animal communication. Princess Uma
    7. Princess etiquette. Pollux
    I was horrified I would have to be taught manners, beautify, and worst of all survive a fairy tale! I didn’t want to be a part of a story! I didn’t want to be killed or be stuck in a tower! I thought seeing my roommates would calm me down, so I bolted up the stairs. But within seconds my face bumped in skin, and I fell over, I realized that I had bumped in to a very handsome boy. He turned around. Revealing his brown hair and shimmering sea blue eyes. He flashed me a warm smile. And took my hand. Then pulled me up. I blushed. So much for being unnoticed I thought. “Are you okay?” The boy asked. ” oh I’m fine I didn’t mean to bump into you” I replied, hopping this was over. Soon I heard whispering behind me. Ever girls were murmuring. No! I really haven’t done a very good job being unnoticed. This was bad. My hands were still in his. ” oh no problem, here let me walk you to your tower, what’s your name.
    ?” He asked ” umm m.”.. I struggled to say” Avalona” I managed. Behind me someone said ” that’s Liam of Avalon! He’s Royalty!” ” oh that is such a beautiful name, I’m from Avalon, by the way my name is Liam.” Liam said. I gaped. When I shut down the school, I’ll get my head chopped of by this guys father, because he’ll remember me! I glumly thought. This was bad.

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