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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    This is chapter 4 of Avalona of rainbow gale enjoy!
    And our newest tag
    Chapter 4
    Flip side.
    As soon as the welcoming was over we were sent to class. So we all went, sadly every class I took the more eager I was to shut down the school. Every teacher judged me because I didn’t have perfect blonde hair, or sapphire eyes. Instead I had cookie hair and dirt eyes. And I was short. During classes I tried to rack my brain for a plan on how to shut the school down. So far I had nothing. The more I thought the more I decided to look around the school, so I could know every possible hiding place. That’s just what I did.
    After classes, boring horrible classes. I snuck into a room labeled..
    ———————————THE GALLERY OF GOOD———————————
    I stepped inside. The room was more like a museum. With its display cases of honorable items from stories, like red riding hood’s cape. And captain hook’s hook. After many minutes of looking at artifacts and whatnot, my eye caught a glimpse of a painting in the back corner. It was labeled
    By sader
    I was excited this was good. The teacher was a sader so he could look into the future. So I ran over and gazed at the picture. It had nothing on it but a burnt sun and darkness. But dots rimmed the frame. I was confused, people could live much better without good and evil, right? I touched the dots on the frame. Suddenly I heard sader talking, he was explaining how good and evil need each other without the other there is no balence in the world. “But what if there were no good and evil, you may ask” sader said. “Everyone has a good or evil soul, or something In-between, but without this good evil world, there would be no right or wrong, lesson or mistake, there would be no way of understanding the world. Only because students think that good and evil are so simple and clear cut that they can fail stories,therefore only then are in danger.” Sader said, then he stopped talking, I now could see why we need good and evil. This answered all my questions, my doubts, my fears, and my urge to shut the school down. Now I felt eager to protect the world, without good, without evil, we wouldn’t be alive.
    I quickly ran down the hall and ran up to my room. Then brushed my hair and wrote a note
    Dear, shabia
    I really appreciate you being so kind and sweet (even though she’s not) and I was wondering how to be good.
    Please help,
    Love Avalona
    I put the note on her bed, determined to protect humanity with good and evil.

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