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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months ago

    Hi! This is chapter 5 of Avalona of rainbow gale enjoy!
    Other chapters are in my activity!
    Chapter 5
    Win or lose
    As I went to bed that night I dreamt of professor sader, and his words in the gallery of good. His soothing voice boomed through every inch of my head. The word echoed like a word yelled in a cave.
    “Without good and evil, life could not exist ”
    The way he explained why this was true made me feel like I was arguing about why we have to drink water, and how that was apparently stupid. Of course I was arguing about why we need good and evil, not about water. As soon as my mind finally decided that I had been wrong, the dreams flew in and I started to sleep.though I was asleep I felt awake.
    I could notice the soft pillowy feel, and silk sheets pull me into a blanket with satin edges and velvet trim. I heard whispering outside the door ” what if she wins!?” A boy voice asked through the door, “Shabia won’t “. A voice said that I reconized. True tonight was my first night sleeping here in school, tomorrow would be my second day, everyone’s second day of school. But I still reconized the voice of the boy whom I crashed into on the stairs the very first day. A voice came again ” just say she does!” There was a pause,”well then I will keep my word”. ” but I do want to get know her better if I win. I will win, I will show her that I am her soul mate”. Liam said nervously.
    Then footsteps trailed closer to the door, at that moment I remembered I hadn’t locked the door, and hearing shabia’s name in their conversation didn’t make me anymore less scared, true shabia was pretty,and stuck up. But I didn’t want her hurt anyway. When the door creaked I hid my eyes,because they were slowly opening, when two handsome men came in I thought they were going to hurt shabia, and I nearly jumped out of bed. But when Liam put a purpley pink box of chocolates wrapped in a velvet cloth, and a Bouquet of white roses on the side of her bed did i stay tucked in bed.
    That morning shabia freaked out about the gift left on her bed, and was even more flattered when a note was tucked in the Velvet cloth wrapped around the chocolate it read:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I hope that you know I simply adore you
    Your hair shines like silk in mid morning sun
    Yes my love for you has just begun
    When you talk your voice is so in tune
    your skin shines like the gorgeous moon.
    -your true love
    When she read it I gaged,
    “Gross! Ew! Blech!” I screamed
    Shabia gave me a ***** look. ” I think it is SOOO sweet!” She said. Then hoped off to breakfast to show her friends. Of course she wasn’t going to eat, just look pretty like she always does. After a few classes me, shabia, Liam and everyone else in good deeds for this period made their way to the class room, and sat down at their candy desks.
    “Welcome students! Today we will decide the sweets thing to say to a never,try to say the best and kindest thing for top rank.” Dovey said with delight “shabia go” she said. “Oh my aren’t you looking gorgeous today, darling! Would you like some chocolate.” Shabia said sweetly, a 2 glittered above her head, and Dovey asked me to step up, I crouched down to reveal a fake never crying, ” hey, hey, I know what it’s like to be discluded, it’s alright, I personally never have had a friend too, but maybe today we can change that for you.” The fake never stopped crying and smiled, the disappeared, dovey’s mouth hung open, and said ” you made her SMILE!!???? ” I nodded, a gold 1 popped over me, everyone was gawking in shock, and I blushed, then Liam tried and had a 3 pop over him, then he bowed down to shabia” you win” he said, shabia grinned

        raventhebad replied 8 months ago

        OMG this is really good words can’t tell me who good it is its a ten out of ten for sure

        good-or-evil replied 8 months ago

        This is awesome! Like, the best! 👍!!!!

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