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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi this chapter two of the story I am writing, I’ll temporarily call it Reanna white, any way summary from chapter one/bio : Reanna White, daughter of the famous snow white and Prince Charming hates life at the castle. So thirteen year old Reanna White runs away, fearing to be placed in good school, and have to be overwhelmed with royal duties and princess nonsense like she had endured all her life, like a never ending trap. Once in the woods she is taken by the school master. Unlike her fear, she is sent dropping from the sky into the vile evil moat, into freedom. Until she trips and breaks her leg, and is knocked out.
    Chapter two, Wellcomeing gone wrong
    Reanna’s point of view.
    My heavy eyelids fluttered open wildly as if they were wild tropical butterflies squirming for nectar. At first my vision was cloudy, blurry, uneasy, and had a foggy haze tint, after lying still a few moments I could see above me a mold covered burnt spiky ceiling, I was confused. Where was I? For a few moments I started to recall what had happened then I realized what had happened. I had been dropped in the evil moat, then I had been insulted by an never boy and he claimed that I was in ever which really offended me ,and of course I fought that with my fists ,so he went away crying .Then I apparently had tripped on it a birch or Drybridge wood and then scraped my knee more badly than I thought and it had ,it had broken .I fell And had fallen to the ground unconscious with a ****** limb and that is when my memory had stopped .
    A cold sharp and crisply stern voice echoed from be hind me. “Hello, ever ,you had been foolish and dared to tread evil ground, and then stumbled on a dead tree, consequently breaking your leg .Don’t worry magic can heal you quick ,I have already put some medicine in your system ,now you’ll be off to the other school I expect you to be in time for the welcoming .you don’t want your good teachers upset ” the harsh voice said, a voice I knew, a voice my mother had told me about. I smiled. Then sat up on the crusty sheet barely covering the toasted bed. “If this was really the fabulous fabled Fairy tale ,school then really I don’t think that anyone could get lost or trespass here. guess this isn’t the right school .I’ll be off and you can stay here at this little immatiation school. I need to be educated at a REAL evil school.” I replied slyly as I hoped of the bed with a small leap, the scorched bed and springs crackled. I was hoping lady lasso’s ego would get ahead of her. Then as I was ready to open the crusty door lady less so spoke with a grin I suggest you are not late for the welcoming your evil teachers would not want you to be late ” lady lesso said as she smiled at me. We both crept out of the room. Lady lesso hadded me a basket with my uniform, schedule, and books,
    The schedule said I had vice tower, room 42. I skipped around and through mischief tower and then headed up the stair case of Vice tower then strolled up to the top till I found vice tower room 42. I hoped in and found my roommates abcent, probably at breakfast, I slipped on my black uniform and threaded down the halls. Sorry I don’t have time to write more .feedback welcome .comment coco powder to be tagged.

        dritten25 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Sorry it should be called chapter Two a leg no longer broken

        geek replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Really good!

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        jellybean11 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        tag moi si te plait
        (tag me pls)

          dritten25 replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Of course!

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