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    dritten25 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months ago

    The story of Reanna white
    Sneak peek on chapter 3
    Breakfast sneak peek
    after pounding down the staircase I was at breakfast ,honestly it looks beautiful not in the tasty beautiful yummy, way one would expect but quaint and something I had never experienced .Real normal food ,not gourmet sausages not rainbow gales ice cream ,not unicorn hair soup, not even simple cream puffs, macaroons or cucumber sandwiches like I was used to for a “quaint “breakfast. I loved it . Before me was a bucket of what looked like a chili monster’s demented droppings. After taking one bite of it, I was impressed, for something that looked so horrible it didn’t taste too bad .so I declared it to the table “this is good stuff , it tastes like chili And enchiladas? Maybe some…. Pickles too? whatever ” of course not being articulate I was given some ***** looks form other piers. But I didn’t take it personally that something you learned from being a royal you are judged by everything that is on you or near you one spot of dirt or they can see means high disrespect just thread showing on your corset and they give you a very ***** look ,so being clumsy and hating the castle I was given many ***** looks and after a lot of times takeing it personally you learn just not to.
    So sorry so short I have to go,
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