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    eacash posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 4 months ago

    Hi! I’ll write some more of my chapter later, but now I’m going to write a bio of a couple characters in a new story I’m writing that has nothing to do with SGE.
    Name: Elizabeth Nepal
    Age: 12
    Gender: girl
    Talent(s): Sings really well and is a pretty good inventer.
    Flaw(s): Sometimes dose not hear well and freaks out before big tests. (a lot!)
    Family: Erica, Peter, and Eliot Nepal
    Personality: Kind , animal loving, a reader at heart, and a natural leader.
    Appearance: Light tan skin, an oval face, shoulder length, chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, bright pink lips, and a normal sized nose.
    Home: On the boarder of New York City.
    Pet(s): A kitten named Gemstone, a rabbit named Leaf, and 2 rats named Bella and Midnight.
    Friends: Jacob, Sarah, Frances, Dallas, and Bryce.
    Enemy(s): The entire Popular Squad but mostly Emma and Bruce.
    Other: Elizabeth is the leader of the Time Machine Team along with Jacob. She loves anything sparkly.
    Backstory: Elizabeth grew up on the border of New York City and has been their since. Jacob lives beside her and they have been best friends since they were 2. When they turned 8 Sarah and Bryce moved in 2 houses, across the street from them. Dallas and Frances moved in 2 houses at the end of the street. When they all met each other they were friends at first site. They Emma and Bruce moved in their street. They won tons of awards at school, but if there was one thing they were good at, it was bullying. Then 2 years later, they dared Elizabeth and Jacob to make a time machine. If it worked, they would be nice to them. If it didn’t, well let’s say something really bad would happen.
    I hope you liked it! 🙂

        thedemigod1112 replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        Nice! Tag me! 🙂

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