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    eacash posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    This is random, but here is a bio to another story I might write. It’s based on Warriors and it will have connection to the clans.
    Name: Moonpaw
    Gender: She-cat
    Age: 7 moons old
    Clan: Storm Clan
    Family: Mother: Featherpool, Father: Unknown, Sister(s), Pepperpaw, Brother(s): None
    Path: Moonpaw is training to become a Medicine Cat, with Shadowstream as her Mentor, but Star Clan might have more for her than just being a Medicine Cat.
    Talent(s): Moonpaw has a talent for finding herbs, making then into medicine, and hunting.
    Flaw(s): Moonpaw is VERY determined and stubborn. It’s hard for Shadowstream to keep control of her!
    Friends: Pepperpaw, Shadowstream, Crystalpaw, and Sunpaw
    Enemy(s) Windkit, (Moonpaw says, “He’s sooooooo annoying!” Shadowwind, and Thunderstream.
    Appearance: Moonpaw is a pure-white, long haired cat, with kind, determined, blue-green eyes, and her fur sparkles in the Moonlight.
    Personality: Moonpaw is super stubborn and determined, and sometimes it’s bad, but it can come in handy. Moonpaw is kind and even though she’s training to be a Medicine Cat, she to, has pledged her life to her Clan, along with her friends.
    Backstory: Moonpaw was born colorless, and able to see. The first cat she saw was Pepperpaw, only, she was Pepperkit, back then. Then she saw her mother, and then she saw Shadowstream. ‘They’re so big!’ she thought. Pepperkit and Moonkit grew and soon Pepperkit opened her eyes. “Can we go outside yet!?!” Pepperkit wailed. “You can, Pepperkit, but your sister has to stay here.” “Why!?!” Moonkit wailed. “I don’t want any cat to see you. You can go outside tonight though.” “Mother, what’s my name?” Featherpool hadn’t chosen a name for Moonkit yet. ” I don’t know.” A few hours later, Pepperkit and Moonkit raced outside. “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!” Moonkit yowled. She was staring up at the sky, at the moon. “That’s the moon!” “How did you know that?” Pepperkit exclaimed. “I don’t know.” Then Featherpool exclaimed, “Your name is Moonkit!” After that, Moonkit’s fur started to change with a glow. After the glow stopped, Moonkit’s fur was a sparklely white. No cat spoke. Five moons later, Pepperkit and Moonkit became Pepperpaw and Moonpaw. Pepperpaw was apprenticed to Goldenshell, to become a Warrior. Moonpaw was apprenticed to Shadowstream, to become a Medicine Cat.
    I hope you liked it!

        inlovewithbooks replied 4 years ago

        very good i read those books 2, theyre actually pretty good

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