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    This is chapter two of sge fan fiction.

    Her eyes barried in hands she cries. “She is gone” agatha panicked. Beaneth her solid floor turns to grass. Air brush against her skin. “Huh” she looks up. The air a hazy green and stone walls so high they fluffed past clouds. “Agatha” so one whisper almost like in her ear. She swishes to her feet as she…[Read more]

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    Hi this is my first fan fiction, so hope you enjoy.

    Cheers fill the air as agatha looks out the carriage window wonderstruck of how beautiful the sight of Camelot was. “Terdros it’s beautiful” she gasped waving out the window to the cheering. “Well I’m glad you love it my dear” he says hand pressing against her…[Read more]

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        Sorry there are a lot of errors.

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