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    ejess14 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 1 year, 1 month ago

    I was sooooo sad when I thought Hort died. I was like SOMAN HOW COULD YOU DO THIS but when we found out that he was saved I was on the verge of tears

        kittykitty336 replied 1 year ago

        honestly? me too.
        i couldn’t stop complaining about it for the rest of the day after i read that he died.

        ejess14 replied 1 year ago

        Happy tears just for confirmation☺️

        rebellion replied 1 year ago

        Teeeeechnically they never said Hort died, it was just implied and he was on the brink of death

        everneveracademy replied 1 year ago

        Sophie had the thought she was dead, same with a lot of other people. But its just as confusing as Aric dying because I thought he was unconscious.

        I started to cry when Hort died because he’s one of the best characters (I loved when he was trying to distract the guards in Putsi) and honestly I never want him to leave the series because without Hort … where’s the awesome side character we know?
        The fact that his man wolf is dead was surprising, confusing, and cry-worthy (that’s not a word?) all at the same time. Even though Sophie liked him for who he is, she found a bonus in Hort’s man wolf, but then that dies and now it is “more than enough” for her,

        Though, that scene was a little on the “KIDS ARE READING THIS AND THEY ARE UNDERNEATH THE R RATED MOVIES” side.
        but the book was more than amazing and awesome, overall!

          everneveracademy replied 1 year ago

          not Putsi, its Pifflepaff
          Oh, me..

        ejess14 replied 1 year ago

        There was a part of my brain that was like ummmmmmmm……ew. But I just ignore it and try to focus on the fact that HORT IS ALIVE!!!

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