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    elf89088 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years ago

    Name: Amber Brook
    Age: 14 – 15
    Birthday was unknown due to the lose of my certificate card, my parents only remember my age since they had an age counter machine.
    Gender: Unknown
    Ever/Never/Neutral: Never
    Appearance: brownish grey hair, almond shaped greenish-brown eyes, small duck lips, chubby cheeks, elf-shaped ears, tan skin.
    Clothes: White tank top, dark blue jeans jacket, short blue pants, Accessories including Bracelets, Belt, Anklet and a watch ((Sometimes)), transparent glass shoes which are made out of glass.
    Personality: Kind, Generous, Considerate, can sometimes be really stubborn because of curiosity and misunderstanding.
    Fairytale Lineage: Red riding hood & **** in Boots
    Weapon: Basket and teleporting red hood
    Fingerglow: A mixture of pink & orange color (Coral Colour)
    Beliefs & values:
    she believes fate can be changed and love is guided by a red string which is too worthy for typical fairytale characters / villagers to see in the fairytale realm.
    he also values a silver necklace which is embarked with an invisible pattern to small to see with a ***** eye.
    Crush: she has a crush but it is a secret… MOVE ALONG!
    Secrets/Flaws: He also has ADHD which means in school he prefers doing some interactive education more than sitting down and answering questions from a textbook.
    Interest/occupation: she has a strange interest to divination which is learning about fate and dreams, it is really interesting when you learn about it.
    Friends: I don’t have many friends but most of my friends are girls due to my awkwardness with boy…
    I do have 1 friend though: @ariniegold (Yes you!)
    (Note: These talents are inspired from The Alice madness returns the video game.)
    Jumping: He can jump as high as a frog and can twist to increase his jumping height.
    Fencing: Based on **** in Boot’s genes, Felicity can use a sword without a problem.
    red butterfly effect teleportation: Amber can teleport with red butterflies and she can also travel into a group of butterflies.

        fairytalegirl123 replied 3 years ago

        I don’t think she did

        ariniegold replied 3 years ago

        But Your leg is my food. :3

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