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    ellaenchanted posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 8 months ago

    My main characters bio
    Name: Xylia Agardis
    Lineage: Mother is Nadia Agardis
    Specie: Elf (not Christmas elf but Hobbit or Lord of the rings elf)
    Appearance: Bright green eyes that are full of colour, freckles, long dark brown waist length hair, pointy elf ears, slim and fit (like most of the elves), strong, cute pointy nose, small feet, tall.
    Personality: hot headed (maybe), Always wanted to be free, great archer and swordsman, only listens to herself, brave, beautiful, outcast.
    Age: 15 turning 16
    Backstory: grew up in the forest/ elf kingdom, lives with her mother, Nadia and her grandmother, Elgiva. She Is engaged to Dasser Uidir, a romance elf but she does not want to. Her father went missing when she was 7, no one has seen him since. She hasn’t discovered her power yet because she is not a full fledged elf, once an elf becomes fully fledged the discover there special power and grow markings/tattoos on them.
    Weapon: her fathers old enchanted bow.
    Talent: she can control the forest but she does not know it yet because she is not a full fledged elf.
    Nadia= hope Xylia= of the forest
    Elgiva= elf gift Adasser= lover of mortal men Uidir= Eternity, young man Agardis= Blood, bride
    Hope you liked my new characters bio! Please tell me if I missed anything important:D

        ellaenchanted replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        It says Dasser but I meant to write Adasser 🙂

        peppy replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Amazing bio Ella! 😉
        I hope you’ll still use Laurence and Julie in the new story?

          arian2 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

          It was incredible! I love the idea! I hope Chess and Trace are still in? 🙂

        leslie191234 replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        Great bio! Would you by any chance insider using Piper or Aron in your new story? Here are their bios of you would like:
        Name: Piper (nickname: Pip)
        Age: 13
        Pet:Coco the Gerbil
        Finger glow: Grey with gold highlights(representing a match’s glow)
        Crush: Aron-Good-Age 14
        Personality: Shy and sweet, but also really stubborn once you get to know her.
        Appearance: she is 13 years old, and on the shorter side(5ft). She has a light-blonde hair with natural highlights of light-brown in it that naturally billows down to her waist. She has large eyes, and a petit nose. Her eyes are dark and black, and if you look really close, it is almost as if you could see snow falling on a crisp, winter night. Pip has a very thin, frail figure, with only a meek baby pink/purple shawl covering a thin, black blouse. She also wears a light-blue skirt that goes to just below her knees. Over top of that is a small, cream coloured apron that is tied in a bow around her waist.
        Talent: Can see into others minds, and hear their thoughts.
        Birthplace: On the snowy streets of Maidenvale
        Parents: Father unknown, mother is the Little Match Girl
        Backstory: Piper was only an infant when her mother died, and was brought over to live and be raised in a ever-orphanage in Maidenvale. Though the orphanage was terribly poor, and there was dirt and cobwebs everywhere, she managed to keep her chin up by smiling. Piper had only one picture of her mother, who she is the spitting image of. When she was older, people told her that she had inherited all of her mother’s sincerity, and beauty. At the age of 13, she got taken to the School for Good.

        Aron Bio:
        Name: Aron
        Pet: moving, living, talking mushroom named Kip
        Finger glow: Emerald Green
        Crush:Eventually Piper
        Personality:He is shy and simple. He is sweet, and romantic, and does not like things to go to quickly. Aron spends as much time as he can close to nature, and is constantly lost in his own thoughts. He is pretty smart. He is filled with such emotion, even at the simplest things. He is passionate, and only hopes to graduate from the school for good and evil, and start making a difference in the world. You can tell that there is a shell on the outside, but underneath is a scared boy, who only wishes to be accepted.
        Appearance:has long, auburn hair,and a button nose. He has brown and green eyes, rosy cheeks and pointy ears(he is an elfin prince). He is strong, but not extremely buff. He dresses in plain, earthy tones such as green, brown, beige, and burgundy.
        Talent: He can make plants grow instantly with his magic seeds (kind of like jack’s bean seeds).
        Hobbies: poetry, songwriting, sketching
        Parents: elfin king and queen

        ellaenchanted replied 4 years, 8 months ago

        I’ll be using all of your characters guys 🙂 oh and thanks for the elf Leslie, Aron will fit into my story perfectly.

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