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    ellaenchanted posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Name: Calaernith Lim
    Age: 15 going on 16
    Nickname: Cala
    Appearance: Dark chocolatey skin, deep sea blue eyes, light blue markings on her neck, light blue swirls around her eyes, short (5ft 2), curvy, petite nose, curly brown hair.
    Personality: weak compared to most elves, stubborn, beautiful voice, water elf, kind, loyal, clumsy.
    Pet: a tiny water nymph she named dewdrop/dewy
    Family: 3 annoying little brothers 2 are twins (twins are 9, other is 11) Aglardor and Amaychon, Fendor, father is Bruiven mother is Glirdis
    Background: Xylia (pronounced Zie-Leah like Xylophone) is her best friend, her household is very nice and understanding, loves her life because it is almost perfect.
    Finger glow: sea blue
    Talent: can control rivers and lakes and she can clean water.
    Crush: soon she will have a crush on Gail
    Translations: Calaernith= light of the sea, sister Lim= clear Aglardor= Glory, brother Amatchon= shield, brother Fendor= door, brother Glirdis= song, wife Bruiven= ??? (I forgot what it means) please let me know if I missed anything important! 😀 more bios and stuff about my new story at @ellaenchanted
    P.S. I will try to post my first chapter tonight.

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Ella. That is a seriously fantastic bio.
        I LOVE IT! 😀

          ellaenchanted replied 4 years ago

          Awww shucks. 🙂

        highflyer replied 4 years ago

        I like it

        leslie191234 replied 4 years ago

        Ella! You have a serious talent! 🙂

          ellaenchanted replied 4 years ago

          😀 thank you Leslie

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