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    elliej posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 week ago

    Hi I’m new

        i-am-a-tropical-avocado replied 1 week ago

        Please see the comments on the post below, they explain how to RP. In the future please don’t post one-liners or RP advertisements as they clog the actual RPs, such as: “Hello. Want to chat?” or “Here’s an RP I made, want to join?” Thanks! ~Avocado

        evilerruler845 replied 3 days, 1 hour ago

        Welcome to RP (roleplay) Level 0! I’m @evilerruler845, so click my username to read my stories.
        But first, why RP? RP means to roleplay, and here, it means to create your own characters to start writing stories/a story about them. If you’re the type of person who likes writing, then this is the place for you!
        Next, there are four levels of RP here.
        RP Level 0 is a starting point for those who are new to RP. Level 0 and Level 1 are written individually (usually), but Level 1 has more detail in their stories. You could do RP collaborations (for short: collab), and post them on Levels 0 and 1. However, RP Level 2 and 3, are in groups that work together on the same storyline. We had Elders awhile back, but the position for Elder is currently suspended. An Elder was someone who took charge of the forum they were on, and was seen as a leader by everyone else on that forum, and gave help and advice to others. However, former Elders and older RP-ers (like those from 2015 and 2016) before are also around here, if you ever need any help. 🙂
        Just so you know, RP-ing on which level is all down to preference. No one really cares where you post your stories, as long as they aren’t posted in the wrong place, such as your solo RP being posted RP Levels 2 and 3.
        We have a Welcome Committee (WC) to welcome new RP-ers for new members that are interested in RP-ing. The Welcome Committee is a group of people selected by the Elder/senior members of the WC to help out as well and show the ropes on how to RP here. If you have any questions, ask our Elders or some of our WC members. Some of our inactive and first (senior) WC members are, @luna101, @kiko55, @dot111, and @fairytalegirl123 and junior member @cuteypie1mint. Our current senior members include me, @spyingclimber and junior member @thecoven4ever.
        To create a new character, we make a biography, bio for short. Bios are important to your story’s character because we need to get to know them well, afterhand or beforehand.
        Please post your stories in chapter(s), and you may do it in P.O.Vs (your character’s Point Of View) and change P.O.V as well during the chapter whenever you like. Label who’s POV it is at the beginning of each chapter. This will help readers know who is narrating.
        These are the basic things needed to create a bio:
        (Btw, we don’t mind detailed bios or chapters!!! We love them! )
        School (it doesn’t have to be about the School for Good and Evil, optional):
        Flaws (If you don’t have flaws, your character might seem a bit too unreal, as nobody is perfect. You could include your character’s flaws in their personality if you wish. A character with few flaws or none at all is known as a Mary Sue ):
        Appearance (we highly recommend it, and it is required):
        Clothing/Wears (highly recommended as it helps us visualize your character more a bit):
        Pet(s) (optional):
        Weapon(s) (optional):
        Talent (if SGE-related):
        Fingerglow (if SGE-related):
        Backstory (backstories gives us a little insight about your character’s past and what it might reflect on in their future)
        You may add more as well, such as your enemy, favorite subject, birth date, friends, wishes, likes/dislikes, etc. The information written in your bio can be in any order.
        You can RP about anything! And if you wish to use someone’s bio, ask them for permission first. If they allow you to use their character, then go ahead!
        Below are some rules and tips that can help you:
        Feel free to ask questions, as long as it’s relevant to RP! We’re all here to help and encourage you to do your best! And……
        Have fun!!! Your imagination is unlimited!
        Please don’t post one-liners, which are posts that are irrelevant to this group chat and/or are very short. It’s ok to do it a few times if you’re new, but just don’t do too many, as it bothers people, and pushes down others use rs’ posts and stories.
        PLEASE keep your writing PG at most. This site has people from a wholly big age group, from people as young as 8 years old to those who are past 18 years of age.
        Remember: Be courteous and polite to others. We have an Official forum Code of Conduct, and if you wish to view it, go to this link: h ttps://schoolforgoodandevil.com/official-forum-code-of-conduct/
        Be prepared for some constructive criticism , as those comments and suggestions are there to help you improve on some areas that may make you a better writer!
        Additionally… DO. NOT. PLAGIARISE. While plagiarising (copying off someone else’s hard work) is mostly uncommon, it still happens . I have seen some people plagiarise other stories, and believe me, it does not feel nice when someone does that to you. In fact, I have been (intentionally) copied off of before. And I can tell you I was not only dismayed at the time, but angry. Furiously angry. But there are ways to avoid it, and a few of them are: paraphrasing, and citations. Paraphrasing is when you write someone else’s words in your own way, while still giving credit to them. Citations are direct quotes from an author’s work, but you give credit to them by citing your sources. (Simply naming where you got your sources isn’t enough, btw.) If you don’t know how, you can look it up! Also, coming up with the same idea that someone had before is not plagiarizing if you’ve never even heard or seen the person before. These situations are called coincidences . Still, it is best to make your ideas as original as possible in case you ever get accused of plagiarism. And when I mean “as original as possible,” I do not mean copying someone’s idea and editing their work to make it look like your own, I mean coming up with your own ideas and making it different from someone else’s idea who might be similar to yours.
        Here’s a good tip for you: Styling your stories! This is called HTML (a coding language among others, like Java, Python, etc.), coding words to emphasize more on what you’re writing, such as making words bold and italicised. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. @soulreaper made a post about HTML so you can go to his activity and see his post about it. Or, you can go here: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_formatting.asp This site will show you some help in HTML. You can also learn how to post videos and pictures, (see @soulreaper ‘s activity) and please note that you can only do 1 video/picture/link per post/comment.
        If you want to save and edit your stories, you can write your chapters, stories, POVs, bios, all onto Microsoft Word or Google Docs (or something) and copy and paste it into the What’s New box on RP Level 0: The Clearing! When you feel ready, you can move up onto the next RP Level and continue writing! 🙂
        When you’re writing, you want to make sure to not make mistakes, so I’d try to proofread it to check for any grammatical errors and such. Don’t get too repetitive, using word(s) that seem to be used repeatedly in a following pattern. Using adverbs, adjectives and figurative language are usually what helps me describe things more easily, so you can try that out, too.
        Having writer’s block? Writer’s block is when the writer is blocked from their writing, as in, they don’t have enough inspiration or the will to write. This happens to pretty much everyone, so if you’re looking for inspiration, I’d suggest listening to music, reading, go do some exploring outside, and doing some of your hobbies to get you in the mood for writing. And never forget that you’ll have the people around you to ask for help. In this case, you can even ask them to think of what they think is a good idea for a book!
        You can also do tags, which means that if you are tagging someone, you put @ in front of the person’s username. Like this: @evilerruler845, which is me tagging myself. You do tags to let others read the person’s report card and activity. Or, if you missed a post on someone’s chapter and you didn’t see it, but you were in that person’s tag list, you can go to your activity and check your notifications or mentions.
        Last thing: you can do some basic smilies. Don’t do spaces, but I’m just trying to show you so it doesn’t actually turn into a real smiley.
        Like: 🙂 😉 😀 🙁 😛 😮 😐 .
        For the smiling one : ) — 🙂
        The big grin : D — 😀 ; The wink ; ) — 😉 ; The frown: : ( — 🙁 ; Silly face : P — 😛 ; Shocked face : o — 😮 ; And finally: : | — 😐
        Don’t add any punctuation, commas, colons, etc. before and after the emoji (same with tagging), and otherwise it won’t work.
        *We have some different rules on RP Levels 2 and 3. As a reminder, Levels 2 and 3 group RPs are harder to – in general – collaborate with since they have members there who are all really close to each other for a long time. You can write there just fine, but it’ll be harder to fit in. Just ask someone for the link to go to their docs, where they have the rules and info written on the docs and ask the members on that level for any queries.
        Take your time to digest all this information, go at your own pace and RP whenever you can, and again, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask any experienced RP-er. Lastly, if you’re experiencing any problems on the site, feel free to go on Website Central, and tag our site moderator Jun for help.
        Note: I have seen newbies delete their first post on Level 0 after I welcome them. Their insecurity or cockiness or whatever they’re feeling is ridiculous. We all started out as newbies on here, ok? We’ll be here for you if you ever need help. That said, keep this post as a reminder if you ever struggle with RP-ing.
        Have a great time on RP Level 0! 🙂

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