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    ellieofgalvadon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey peoples,
    Here is chapter eight! Thanks for all the great comments-you guys are amazing! Sorry if I forget to tag you. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged. Also I’m open to suggestions, so please share any ideas!
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    @thecoven4ever CHAPTER EIGHT: We flew upwards, trying not to scream with terror until we were well away from the cottage. I gripped Pumpkin’s bony stymph back tightly as we swooped through the trees. We ascended above the endless woods, flying as fast as the cold night wind that was blowing in our faces. As the terror of riding a stymph wore off, the long ride became more exhilarating than scary. We flew for what seemed like hours, as the darkness started give way to a pearly dawn. Then suddenly, I saw it. The School. It was beautiful, but in an eerie, breathtaking sort of way. The “Two towers like twin heads” were built the same way, but all similarities ended there. One was pure ivory white, with delicately lacy spires haloed by shimmering rainbow mist. Its beauty was mirrored in a crystal-clear lake. The other side of the school was far more sinister. It had black towers sharpened into wickedly spiky points, and it was surrounded by dark, ominous storm clouds. The moat on the Evil side was dark and filthy. Pumpkin swooped towards the school grounds, heading for the Good entrance. We dove towards the ground- faster faster-(Ivy screamed) and crash-landed into a clump of beautiful pink peonies. Two girls came up to us, concerned. They were the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. One had auburn hair, big green eyes, and skin that was a clear ivory pallor. Her light green dress looked like it had been made of beautiful flower petals.
    Her friend was shorter, with golden-brown skin and a halo of frizzy brown curls. She wore a golden dress and sparkling gold earrings. Both had perfect makeup, and the redhead even had a dove perched on her shoulder. Ivy immediately gagged. The red-headed one smiled. “Are you lost?” Ivy wrinkled her brow in confusion. “No. Although I don’t want to go here, so if I could just-” The girl laughed. “I thought so! Well, the faeries can help you if you need to get to Evil. I’m Lorelei, by the way.” I noticed she was smirking. Her friend seemed a little uncomfortable. “No, we’re in the right place.” I said firmly. “Not by the the looks of you. After all”(she was still smiling sympathetically)” Good is usually- well- you know- Not so…displeasing to look at?” I was shocked. How was this girl Good at all? Ivy was angrier than I’d ever seen her. “Real Good doesn’t call people ****.” Lorelei laughed.”We’re just trying to help, you know.” Ivy and I indignantly walked away. This was too much to handle on top of everything we had been through yesterday. We made our way towards a group of Ever girls excitedly chatting about something. I heard a familiar voice say, ” You know, I bet we’ll see her in Evil. She could have killed anyone!” The group murmured in agreement. They parted to let us in, and that’s when I saw her.”Ariadne?” I whispered. She looked horrified.”That’s her! The witch!” Everyone screamed. One tiny evergirl passed out. Some girls pointed to the stymph. Ivy clenched her fists. “That’s Pumpkin, and if you hurt him-I’ll-I’ll-” One girl laughed. She had long black hair and tanned skin. “Ari, these girls can’t be that bad. I mean, they’ve got a stymph named Pumpkin, and they might be really nice-”
    Some girls nodded in approval. The tan one offered to let me use her lipstick, and another started to tell me about the fabulous new Groom Room. But Lorelei, Ariadne, and their squads of evergirls kept their distance, muttering something about us being **** witches who probably ate children-or worse, CHEESE. This left about a third of the girls who were still pretty friendly. However, Ivy’s black-hearted scowl repelled everyone except the tiny evergirl who had fainted, who was now happily petting Pumpkin and singing a song to him. The faeries gave every girl a uniform to slip on. The uniform was pink, one of my favorite colors. I loved the stylish ruffles. Ivy retched.”I wear THIS? Does it come in blue or black?” The faeries rushed around, taking everyone’s numerous trunks of designer clothing and distributing books with titles like Winning Your Prince. Suddenly, a fanfare of trumpets sounded. “Time for the welcoming! Yay!” shrieked the tiny evergirl, whose name was Tina. Olivia, the one who had defended me and Ivy, started giggling uncontrollably. “Guess what? Maybe I’ll catch Cole’s rose! He is, like, soooooo cute!” I laughed. We piled through the doors into the hall where the welcoming would take place. Evil sat on one side, attired in chic black uniforms. I actually liked them better. Apparently, so did Ivy. She spent a full ten minutes trying to persuade a Nevergirl to swap outfits with her. The Evergirls settled into their seats, excitedly making the final touches on their makeup and fixing their uniforms so that the lines fell just right. Suddenly, the doors were thrown open and the Everboys sauntered in, attired in their swordplay outfits. They were all handsome and muscular, with chiseled features and tanned skin. They did some fancy sword work, and then they threw their roses at the evergirl they liked best. Lorelei and Ariadne were showered with roses. Ivy was completely devoid of them. I caught one or two by accident, but then one boy looked up and threw his rose to me. He had red blond hair and sparkling. gorgeous blue eyes. He was tall and muscular, with an obscenely attractive face. I caught the rose and smiled, blushing. What was wrong with me? I hadn’t been super boy crazy before, like the other girls. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. A rose had made its way to the Never side by accident. The never stood and looked me straight in the eye. He threw his rose to me and it landed in my lap. My jaw dropped in shock.
    The never was Jase.

        ellieofgalvadon replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        sorry I don’t like the autocorrect. The stars are just for u.gly

        terranovapyro replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Yes! Yes! Yes! Jase! Yes!
        Such a good story!! 😀 😀

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        Ok i dont have time now ill read this later and comment….

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          awesome chapter!

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